Challenge yourself to our Olympic Distance Triathlon, in the beautiful surroundings of Waterland Outdoor Pursuits


Congratulations to all the competitors at BUCS Standard Triathlon - all results, including the team results, can be found here.

Event Guide

Race Letter

It is essential that all competitors download and read in full the Race Letter for this event. This document contains all the information that you need to know in preparation for the race.

Wave Start Times

All wave start times will be uploaded to this link. Please ensure that you arrive at the swim start by 08:15. Transition will open at 07:00 and close at 08:10. 

Race Briefing Video

The Race Briefing Video must be watched by all competitors before the event. There will be no in person briefings on the day. Please click here to watch the video

Covid-19 Measures

All competitors will receive the Event Guide in the week before the event. Within this, there is a link to complete the Covid-19 Health Questionnaire. It is essential that all competitors complete this prior to race day. Anyone not completing it may not be able to compete on the day. This is to ensure the safety of all competitors, volunteers and staff.

What are we doing to ensure your safety?

What’s new for 2020-21?

Like always, we are taking safety at our event seriously. After careful consideration during the off season regarding the current Covid-19 pandemic, the BUCS team have implemented the following measures to promote the health and wellbeing of competitors, officials, volunteers and staff.

We created these measures by:

  1. Seeking advice from local authorities and National Governing Bodies regarding the current Covid-19 restrictions and recommendations
  2. Collaboration with the host venues
  3. Following of Government and NHS advice
  4. Consultation with BUCS Chief Medical Officer

New Measures: 

  1. Event Disclaimer updated to include specifics around Covid-19
  2. Changes to the race format (Eg wave start times and number of competitors in each wave) Detailed closer to the event in the Event Guide
  3. Designated times for arrival and departure 
  4. Staff members and volunteers interacting with competitors will be wearing appropriate PPE/face coverings
  5. Temperature checks on arrival. Any competitor failing a temperature check will not be permitted to compete.
  6. Covid-19 questionnaire completed 24 hours in advance of the event
  7. Self-collection for event paperwork (EG. Bib numbers)
  8. Access to hand-washing facilities, or hand sanitiser
  9. Increased signage on hand washing
  10. No handshakes, high-fives and spitting
  11. Extra cleaning and disinfecting of frequently touched surfaces and facilities
  12. We will be operating on a restricted access policy and no spectators are permitted
  13. Unfortunately, no presentations will take place and all medals will be posted to you after the event
  14. Competitors must depart promptly after competition finishes – no hanging around post event

What’s expected of competitors:

  1. Event competitors should stay home if they have any Covid-19 symptoms, live in the same household with someone with Covid-19 symptoms or have been diagnosed with, or suspected to have, Covid-19 in the past 14 days.
  2. Competitors must follow direction from BUCS staff and staff members of DB Max
  3. Competitors must comply with temperature checks. Any competitor failing a temperature check will not be permitted to compete.
  4. Competitors must complete Covid-19 questionnaire before competing
  5. Competitors are expected to follow government guidance when attending an event including but not limited to guidance around travel and accommodation. This guidance should be considered prior to entry.
  6. Competitors should always follow social distancing guidance
  7. Competitors should ensure they are following hand hygiene practices at all times
  8. Competitors should wear a face covering when indoors
  9. Competitors should not share equipment at this time unless permitted within NGB guidance
  10. Follow the guidance and safety procedures outlined for the event you are attending. These can be found in the Event Guide

Despite all these extra measures we have implemented, it is impossible to fully remove all risk.

Please carefully consider your options and make sure you are completely comfortable with the risks involved, before attending this event.