The Taekwondo season returns for 2023-24, beginning with the Autumn Championships held at St Mary's University!

Dates and Times

Sat Nov 25 2023, 07:30am – 09:30pm


Sport St Mary’s, Waldegrave Rd, Strawberry Hill, Twickenham TW1 4SX


To withdraw from the event, please contact your Institution Administrator who should inform the event lead.

Please see REG 7.9 for our withdrawal policy

Changing Facilities/ Disability Access

At venue, Sport St Mary’s, Waldegrave Rd, Strawberry Hill, Twickenham TW1 4SX

Food and Drink

Refectory building a 3 minute walk from the venue which supplies food and drink


Medal ceremonies at the end of each division, on court.

BUCS points

Please see Appendix 1 for the BUCS Points available at this event.

Photography and Videography

Anyone wishing to take photos or video at this event must complete the BUCS Media Accreditation Form prior to the event


The sustainability of our event matters to us and these are the positive steps we are taking to manage our environmental impact:

  • All staff and volunteers are encouraged to travel to the event via public transport
  • We have used local suppliers where possible
  • Event programmes are all online, minimising paper use
  • We will print on demand merchandise (if applicable)

How can you help at this event? Here’s some ideas:

  • Be self-sufficient by using refillable bottles and coffee cups to reduce waste
  • Travel smarter – as a team on a minibus, cycle or use public transport
  • Go paperless - use your phone for all event information
  • Check out the Active Travel link on the council website