The Rifle Championships are back! Kicking off with the short range championships!

Entry Information

Costs and Entry Dates

Entry Cost

Individuals: £5.00

Teams: £20.75

Entries Open

Tuesday 12 October 2021 

Entry Closing Dates 

Student/Competitor Deadline

Tuesday 9th November 2021 at 11:59pm
(Students/Competitors must apply by this deadline)

Institution Administrator Approval Deadline

Thursday 11th November 2021 at 11:59pm
(Institutional Administrators are given 48 hours after the student/ competitor deadline to approve entries)

BUCS Points

BUCS points are located here.

BUCS Short Range Championship 2022 is comprised of 5 shooting rounds followed by the Championship Finals. 

Entry Allowance

Institutions can request an unlimited number of entries.

Qualifying for the championship finals

All competitors will be supplied via post with 5 shooting stickers by the NSRA which will need affixing to competition cards. Cards from each round must be shot and returned to the NSRA’s Scorer within the timeframes listed in the BUCS Short Range Championships.

All cards must be shot in round/set order but can be shot ahead of the issued timetable. Cards must also be signed and dated by a witness.  

The top 12 Men, top 12 Women, top 6 Novice individuals as well as the top 8 teams with the highest combined scores will qualify for Short Range Championship Finals. 

Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations can be found here 

Withdrawal and Changes

Competitor withdrawals must be made by a competitors athletic/ students union by emailing [email protected] 

Withdrawals before the entry deadline, 28th October 2021 at 11:59pm [Stage 1] will not be charged.

Withdrawals after the entry deadline, 28th October 2021 at 11:59pm [Stage 1] will still be charged the entry fee.

Should BUCS have to open Stage 2 entries then new deadlines for withdrawals will be published. Reserves will only be charged an entry fee if they are accepted into the competition.

Round dates

Round Dates:

                             LDFS           To Scorer By       Publish on ORP

Round 1               31/01               05/02                  07/02

Round 2               31/01               05/02                   07/02

Round 3               21/02               26/02                   28/02

Round 4               14/03               19/03                   21/03

Round 5               04/04               09/04                   11/04

The NSRA have made the decision to move the first round of shooting to the same time as round 2 to ensure everyone can complete their stickers in time.

All stickers have now been sent so please do let us know if you are missing any cards.