Event Guide


Competitors must register and weigh-in on Friday 14 February 2020. Registration and weigh-in will be open from 18:00 until 20:00. Registration and weigh-in are located in the competition venue, iceSheffield. Competitors who do not register, and do not weigh-in, will be withdrawn.

Competitors must provide their BJA (or international association) license and student identification at registration and weigh-in. Students without a license cannot compete.

Competitors should allow time to register, and are encouraged to register as soon as they arrive at the venue. Registration is likely to be busy, so please ensure you arrive on time.

Rules and Regulations

BUCS judo competitions are governed in accordance with the National Governing Body rules and regulations, unless superseded by a BUCS rule or regulation.

The BUCS Judo Championships will include the 2018 IJP rule adaptions, and follow the British Judo Implementation Plan (effective from 1 February 2018). A competitor briefing will take place on the competition mats before the first pool stages on Saturday morning. The briefing is not mandatory, but it is strongly encouraged all competitors attend so they are aware of recent rule adaptions.

The BUCS Tournament Referee has the final decision in all sporting competition matters. This includes any rulings or disputes not covered by regulations.

Combined Categories

If there is the need to combine two weight categories then medals would only be awarded once for the combined category. BUCS medals will be distributed as detailed in regulation 16 BUCS points, medals and trophies.


Competitors may wear a blue jodogi when appropriate; however, they must also have a white judogi to wear when required. Competitors should provide their own white and blue (if they wish to wear a blue judogi) belts.


Coaches should inform the BUCS staff at registration on Friday or before the first pool stages on Saturday, of their intention to coach their competitors. Only one coach will be allowed in the coaching chair for each match.

Changing Facilities

Male and female changing facilities will be available but once you have changed, please keep your possessions with you and do not leave them in the changing rooms, as you will not have exclusive use of the facilities.

Withdrawals and Changes

Competitors can make changes to their entries through BUCS Play until the entry closing date.

Changes, including withdrawals, after the entry closing date must be made in writing by an athletic union or students’ union and e-mailed to the BUCS Event Lead.

Withdrawals after the entry closing date will still be charged the entry fee (Reg 3.2.2).

Withdrawals after 5:00pm on Wednesday 12 February 2020 will be classified as a ‘no-show’. They will be charged the entry fee and an additional £10 fine payable by the athletic union or students’ union.

Competitors who do not withdraw, and do not register and weigh-in at the venue, will be also classified as a ‘no-show’ and will be charged the entry fee and an additional £10 fine payable by the competitor’s athletic union or students’ union.

Confirmed Entries

Confirmed entries have been added to BUCS Play and can be viewed by looking at the leaderboards.

The following individuals were accepted into the competition via Stage 2

Hult IBS
Royal Holloway
Royal Holloway
Royal Holloway
Royal Holloway

Alana Taylor
Roberts Juzenko
Jeddiah Cheung
Fayokemi Abidekun
Tomas Martinek
Adam Adaman
Benjamin Jackson
Owen Vaughan
Abdullah Chaatouf
Nicholas Ripley

Accepted Team Entries

Men's Teams:
Oxford Brookes
St Andrews
Women's Teams
Anglia Ruskin
Oxford Brookes
St Andrews