Network overview

The BUCS Health, Fitness and Physical Activity Networks were established in 2017 by the Physical Activity Board to bring together industry and sector professionals to discuss the challenges and opportunities within the higher education space. The network events are central to the BUCS and Physical Activity Board’s strategy and will give the members feedback opportunities to align with the strategy. 

The network events are member lead, specifically targeting those with a passion and working knowledge of Health and Fitness and those responsible for creating opportunities to allow their university community to become more active. The network aims to capture the current views and experiences of staff members such as, but not exclusive to: 

  • Gym Instructors 
  • Personal Trainers 
  • Health and Fitness Managers 
  • Sport and Fitness Managers 
  • Sports Facility Managers 
  • Directors of Sport 
  • Heads of Sport 
  • Participation Managers 
  • Sport Development Managers 
  • Sport Development, Engagement and Project Officers