Join us in partnership with British Fencing for the 23-24 regional fencing series. This is the perfect opportunity for student fencers who are new to sport to gain competitive experience in a supportive environment.

Event Guide


All participants will be required to check-in, including proof of student eligibility (student ID) & British Fencing (including Introductory) membership. The final check-in open, check-in close and start times for each category are listed below:

Category Check In Open Check In Close Start Fencing
Mens and Womens Epee (All Grades) 10:00 10:15 10:20
Mens and Womens Foil (All Grades) 11:00 11:15 11:20
Mens and Womens Sabre (All Grades) 12:00 12:15 12:20


This competition is open to all students who attend a BUCS Member institution and meet the BUCS Individual Eligibility Criteria. The BUCS Regional Fencing Series will give priority to those students attending institutions in the region the event is being held, but all institutions are welcome to compete.

To encourage a fair and enjoyable competition, different grades are being offered in each weapon, bespoke to the BUCS Regional Fencing Series.

Please read below before making your entry:




For fencers that are new to the sport and/or weapon.

Participants who entered the Beginner grade during the 2022-23 Regional Fencing Series are unable to enter Beginner for the 2023-24 Series.


For fencers that started fencing/their weapon less than three years.


For all other fencers

Depending on the number of entries into the competition, beginner, novice and open fencers may be grouped together to ensure competition can take place. If this was to occur, the grouping would be as follows:

Beginner & Novice Women – Epee, Foil and Saber

Beginner & Novice Men – Epee, Foil and Saber

Open Women – Epee, Foil and Saber

Open Men - Epee, Foil and Saber

NB: Competitors may choose to enter different weapons at different grades.


Competitors are required to hold a valid BF membership to compete in the Regional Fencing Series, however those without can register for a free 90-day Introduction Membership to compete.


All competitions will start with Poules, and all fencers will be promoted to the Direct Elimination stages of their grade/weapon.

Please note that the organisers reserve the right to change the formula to assist the smooth running of the competition and to improve the experience for the participants. This may include merging of grades or genders to facilitate a desirable competition experience.

Fencers who wish to enter more than one weapon are encouraged to do so, however may be asked to prioritise one weapon over another if necessary. Should a fencer be unable to compete in both weapons entered due to this, they will not be charged for the weapon they have conceded.


Volunteers will be on-site to guide and shadow all Poules, and ensure the competition runs smoothly. British Fencing may provide opportunities in conjunction with these events to upskill students on their knowledge of refereeing. If you are interested in fencing refereeing opportunities past the event get in contact with British Fencing.


Competitors must be properly equipped for their events and competitors clothing MUST conform to British Fencing rules and ‘’Guidelines on Safety in Fencing’’ sent to all British Fencing members. BUCS cannot be held responsible for accident, loss or damage to persons or property, however caused.

Please ensure you have long socks and appropriate fencing shoes; also, please ensure you respect the venue by changing into your indoor fencing shoes before entering the salle to avoid tracking dirt/moisture onto the venue floor.

Any Equipment request would have need to have been communicated with the regional competition coordinator prior and well in advance of the event, to discuss if hire through the venue would be possible.


If you are unable to attend the event after your entry has been accepted, you must contact the Regional Competitions Coordinator as soon as possible. Withdrawals are not eligible for a refund on the entry fee.

Depending on when you withdraw, there may be additional fines. Please see the table below for a breakdown of these:

Date / Time


Prior to 23:59 on Tuesday 14 November


Prior to 23:59 on Friday 17 November


No Show at Event


Other Event Information


The Fencing Centre has toilet and changing facilities, but no showers. Please make necessary arrangements to accommodate this.


The venue can be reached by public transport, using the Manchester Metrolink. The closest station is Westwood on the Pink Line.


There is plenty of free parking on the day of the event.


For any questions regarding the BUCS Fencing Series please contact Tanyel Mustafa - BUCS Regional Competitions Coordinator