Canoe Polo returns to Nottingham!

Event guide  

Date and Venue


20-21st April 2024


BUCS Canoe Polo Pitches (postcode to use is NG4 2JY)




Friday 18:00-00:00 OR Saturday 07:00

Please fill out this form prior to the event:

  • Those wishing to be Scrutineered on Saturday morning will be allocated at time slot before the event


Captains Briefing:

07:30 at control on Saturday


08:00 – 18:15 Saturday
07:30 – 18:00 Sunday


17:45 on Sunday

Progression to Finals

The tournament format will consist of round robin group stages followed by teams being split into winners and losers brackets with single elimination knockouts for placing. 


BUCS medals will be awarded shortly after the finals on Sunday for 1st,  2nd and 3rd placing teams in each league.

BUCS Points

The available BUCS Points for this event can be found on page 12 here 

Withdrawals/No shows

No shows or being late to games will result in matches being scratched and goals/points will be assigned for the present team, in line with the ICF rules.


Parking is being charged for this year by the venue – ANPR cameras and payment signs are present at the venue. Please read and follow these to avoid any fines.

Changing Facilities

Due to venue damage, there are unfortunately no buildings being used for this year's event. 

There are also no stairs for spectators, but gravel paths will be present. 

Food and Drink

The HPP cafe will be open during the event for competitors and spectators to purchase food and drink. 

There are also supermarkets around 10 minutes away from the venue. 

Social Media

Please tag @BUCSsport in all your social media posts! 

Please also keep an eye on the Captain's WhatsApp chat for important updates. 


All clothing worn by competitors must be ICF approved i.e shoulders must be covered 

Rules and Regulations

The full BUCS Canoe regulations can be found here 

The most up to date ICF Canoe Polo regulations can be found here 


All questions should be communicated by an institution’s athletic union or students’ union staff member to: 

Harry Spinks