Event Guide


Timetable is subject to change and athletes should keep checking the website and listening out for announcements at the venue. 

Friday 8th November 

08:00 Captains Meeting (Main Bar)

08:30 Female Ski Inspection (Main Slope)

          Board GS Inspection (Elbow Slope)

          Riders Brief (Tow Slope)

09:00 Male Ski Inspection (Main Slope)

           Board GS Start (Elbow Slope)

           Slopestyle Qualifiers (Tow Slope)

09:30 Ski Race Run 1 (Main Slope) 

12:00 Slopestyle Semi Finals 

14:00 Snowboard Duals 

15:30 Ski Slalom 2nd Run Inspection 

16:00 Ski Slalom 2nd Run 

17:00 Slopestyle Final 

18:30 Day 1 Prize Giving

20:00 Afterparty hosted by NUCO

Saturday 9th November 

08:00 Captains Meeting (Main Bar)

08:30 Ski GS Inspection (Main Slope)

          Snowboard KO brief (Elbow Slope)

          Rail Jam brief (Tow Slope)

09:00 Ski GS Start (Main Slope)

          Snowboard KO Start (Elbow Slope)

           Rail Jam Start (Tow Slope)

12:30 Ski Duals Start (Main and Tow Slope)

17:30 Rail Jam Finals (Tow Slope)

          Ski Duals Finals (Main Slope)

18:30 Day 2 and overall priz giving. 

20:00 Afterparty hosted by NUCO

Captains Meeting

Captains meeting is compulsory both mornings. Any universities not represented will be fined £50. 


Competitor withdrawals must be made by a competitors instituational admins by emailing BUCS Play app support. 

Withdrawals after the entry deadline, 15 October 2019 at 11:59pm (stage one) and before midday on the 23 October 2019 will still be charged the entry fee.

Competitors who do not withdraw before midday on the 23 October 2019 and do not attend the competition will be classed as a late withdrawal/no show and therefore will be charged the entry fee and will also be fined £10 which will be charged after the event to the competitor’s athletic union.

Should a withdrawal be accompanied with a valid doctor’s note, no fine will be given but the entry fee will still be charged.

There will be no changes or substitutions after entries close. Duals competitiors can be changed if the replacement athelete is competing elsewhere in the competition and the rules are still met. 

Freestyle Competition information


Bibs will be distributed at the top of the slope before the slopestyle starts on Friday morning. If you're a ski racer or snowboard racer as well, you'll be assigned a bib for racing, and you should also use that bib for freestyle. 

The bib is the same bib as you should wear for the rail jam on Saturday.


Will start with the qualification jam, and then straight into semi-finals, with 2-runs, best run counts. The top 8 men and top 4 women will go through to the final, where it will be a 2 or 3-run final - best run counts (timing dependent). It will once again be rail/box heavy.

Rail Jam

Will have a qualification jam and qualify people through on a yes or no basis. The top riders will then go into a Semi-Final, which will be a full jam format. It's NOT a best trick competition - but an overall impression competition, so variety is going to be hella key. Landed tricks only will be counted. 

For the rail jam, ranking will take place after the competition - because it's based on overall impression across the time period 

Judging Criteria

The judges will be evaluating and ranking the runs based on the following criteria:

  • Difficulty - what was the trick difficulty like, considering rotations, axis, take-offs, feature use, etc
  • Execution - how well executed was the trick? Was it stylish, was there a grab or did they wind an excessive amount of windows down
  • Variety - did the rider do the same trick throughout, or did they spin in different directions, with different leading-feet on the rails.
  • Landing - did they land clean, or did they drag a hand, slide on their ass etc. Reverts are a big no - if you land switch, hit the next feature switch.

Safety and Equipment

All competitor must wear helmets. These are only any use when they are secured correctly. BUCS will reserve the right to disqualify athletes who do not wear long sleeves and who’s helmet is not done up. Alongside this, mounted cameras and Go Pro’s will not be allowed during competition. BUCS strongly advises against mounts of any description on any helmets.

There is limited equipment avaliable for hire at Hillend which will be a first come first served basis. 

Lift Use

Race - Only competitors wearing their bibs and ski equipment will be able to use the lift. For ski race inspection females will go first.. Once inspection is shut we will limit individuals onto the lift based on the letter of their university. I.e. we will name call universities and ask them to make their way to the top of the slope in order. This is to ensure smooth access to the start area and for competitions to run on time. 

Freestyle – Competitors will collect their bibs at the top, they must present a competitor wristband to be allowed to use the slope, after the first round of freestyle, every competitor must be wearing a bib to be allowed up.  

Ski Racing

Should the athlete have a BASS or BARTS License they should have been submitted this number upon entry, it can not be altered or added now.  

The top 30 women and 60 men will qualify for the second run of the slalom on Friday. 

Once inspection is completed the lift will be open only to women to ease the access to the top of the slope. 

If you miss your start you will not be allowed to compete. 

Snowboard Racing

Athletes must compete in this event to qualify for the Knock out on Saturday. Top 8 women and top 16 men will qualify. These results will be published after the snowboarding has finished. If you miss your start you will be disqualified. 

Once inspection is completed the lift will be open only to women to ease the access to the top of the slope. 
If you miss your start it will be up to the chief of race discretion to allow you to compete. 


Please note, ski dual slalom teams must have a female in their team. Please refer to the rules and regulations. By participating in this event you are accepting these regs. The competitions jury decision will be final. 

Please note Snowboard duals are on Friday

Double entry competitor

Should you be entered into both racing and freestyle, you should prioritise racing over freestyle. As soon as completing your first run, you will should make your way to freestyle. 


In order to assist with the running of this events, institutions are required to provide event volunteers based on the ratio of their number of entries.

Volunteers will be required to do 3.5 hour shifts.

Volunteers can be the same individuals for the weekend or different. They can also be competitors as they will be rotated in around the events they compete in.

A timetable will be produced after entries close stating when each institution should provide a volunteer. It is the captains responsibility to ensure they show up.

Failure to provide volunteers will result in a £50 fine, processed after the event.

Number of volunteers required per Institution:

  • 1-5 athletes: No volunteers
  • 6-10 athletes: 1 volunteer
  • 11+ athletes: 2 volunteers

Entry Policy

Proof of age – All students will need to have a valid drivers licence, passport or official photo ID with them.

Upon entry all clients will be searched along with their bags. 
All alcohol found upon a person entering the premises will be confiscated permanently.  

Staff - All of our volunteer staff will be treated with respect at all times, if this respect is not seen, BUCS reserve the right to remove this person from the premises. Spectators and Athletes are subject to the BUCS rules and regulations, whereby should you be in violation of the BUCS rules you will be sanctioned. 

Drone Policy

The use of drones at BUCS events is strictly prohibited. The only permissible use of drones will be with the permission of BUCS for professional companies with appropriate licenses, insurance, risk assessments and in line with all the requirements of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). 

Zero Tolerance on Drugs

BUCS operates zero tolerance on competitors and spectators bringing recreational drugs to the event.


Under REG 5, entering, or attempting to enter the venue of a BUCS competition while in possession of recreational drugs would deem an institution and its club liable to a charge of misconduct and/or bringing BUCS into disrepute. Additionally, the consumption of alcohol or recreational drugs (in addition to substances covered under REG 4.5) by competitors will not be tolerated. Competitors at any BUCS event or fixture found to be consuming such substances will be automatically disqualified and may face further disciplinary action under this regulation.


This year, BUCS will have sniffer dogs at the entry to the event. There will also be amnesty bins available onsite.


If the sniffer dogs identify an individual potentially being in possession of recreational drugs they will be escorted by security to a private area and searched. If they are then found to be in possession of recreational drugs, these will be seized by security, the individual’s name will be taken by event staff and the incident reported back to their university/college and police may be informed.

Anyone caught onsite (past the point of entry) in the possession of recreational drugs will have these seized, be expelled from the event, and their institution will receive a disciplinary charge from BUCS and the police may be informed. 

Photography and Broadcast

During this event various filming, photography and broadcasting may take place. By your presence at this event you grant your permission for your likeness and voice to be included in pictures and / or on film, and their advertising without compensation or credit.