Entry information

Entry dates and cost

Entries open Tuesday 24 September. It costs £580 covers, which covers all three leagues (stage one).

Stage One closing dates

Student-athlete deadline is Tuesday 5 November 2019 at 11:59pm. Students must comply with this deadline. 
Institution administrators then have 48 hours after this deadline to approve entries. 

Stage Two closing dates

Should the competition allow more entries, a stage two entry window will open.
Priority will be given to the entries received before the stage one entry closing date.
Entries received in the stage two window and accepted into the competition, will be charged an additional 20% fee.

Stage Two entry window: Friday 8 November – Tuesday 12 November 2019
It will cost £696 to enter in stage two. 

BUCS Points Available

BUCS Points will not be allocated where the minimum number of competitors/teams has not been reached, or where there are not enough individual scores to extract a team score.

Additionally, an individual/team must have beaten another individual/team to score BUCS Points (e.g. if 3 individuals/teams compete in an event, only 2 will score BUCS points). This does not apply to extracted teams.

Individuals/teams are regarded as having compete if they started the event, therefore DNS will not be regarded as having competed. Similarly, medals will be awarded according to the accrual of BUCS Points. For example if only 3 individuals/teams compete in an event only Gold and Silver medals will be awarded.

See how many BUCS points here

Entry allowance

Each team shall consist of six competitors, at least two female and two male sailors.

Spaces are limited to 20 teams at each qualifier (a maximum of three teams per university).

Full terms and conditions of entry are available in the Notice of Race.