Event Guide

Start Sheets

Entry into this competition is limited, entries are determined based upon competitors' handicaps. Competitors who have been entered and accepted into the competition will be given a tee time.

Entries that are confirmed at the end of Stage 1 will be posted here. Allocation of Round 1 tee times is random and will be available Friday 18 October via GolfBox.

Reserve List

Competitors who are not allocated a tee time on the start sheet will be included on the reserve list. Following the close of Stage 1 entries the reserve list will be arranged in handicap order. If an accepted competitor withdraws from the competition their tee time will be offered to the next competitor on the reserve list. BUCS will contact the institution of the reserve competitor to offer this tee time, unless during the weekend in which case BUCS will contact the competitor directly.

If a reserve competitor is unable to take the tee time BUCS will contact the next institution until the tee time is taken. Reserve competitors should communicate their availability with their athletic union or students’ union and remain available should withdrawals occur.

If a competitor on the reserve list no longer wishes to be considered for the competition; they must inform their institution and withdraw following the process detailed in the entry information.

If the competition is at capacity; entries received within Stage 2 will be added to the reserve list. Where applicable; priority for tee times will remain with the entries received before the Stage 1 entry closing date.

Registration and Withdrawals

Competitors must register at least 30 minutes before starting Round 1. Competitiors are encouraged to register as soon as they arrive at the venue. Registration will be located in the clubhouse.

As per the rules of golf, competitors who do not show for their tee time will be disqualified. Additional, any competitor who does not show up to register for their opening round will be considered a no show and their institution will be fined £50 in additional to the entry fee for the event.

Rules and Regulations

All BUCS Golf competitions are governed in accordance with the BUCS Golf rules and regulations, the BUCS general regulations, the R&A Rules of Golf, 2019/20 BUCS Tour Hard Card and the local rules of the golf club.

England Golf referee(s) will be available to offer rule clarification and support the competition. Competitors are encouraged to use the referees where necessary, and resolve all decisions before completing their round and submitting their scores. 

The Tournament Director has the final decision in all sport competition matters.

Order of Merit

This event forms part of the BUCS Golf Tour and Macpherson Order of Merit as well as the first event in the R&A Student Tour Series.

BUCS Macpherson Order of Merit points for qualification to the BUCS Golf Tour Finals will be awarded to the top 20 men and top 20 women as detailed within the BUCS Golf rules and regulations.

Practice Rounds

Practice rounds will be available on both the Hotchkin and Bracken courses. Tee times are limited and can be booked by contacting the Booking office (01526 352511). Please indicate you are part of the BUCS Northern Tournament. 

Times are available as follows on each course on Sunday October 20, 2019:

Hotchkin course from 2:00 pm

Bracken course from 11:40 am

Scoring and Results

BUCS Golf Tour competitions use GolfBox for scoring and results.

At this tournament we will be trialing having players input their scores throughout the round to provide a fully live leaderboard. When you receive your start time via email from GolfBox you will also be sent a link and code to be able to enter the scores for your tee grouping after each hole.

Results will be made available on the BUCS website during and after the competition.


The following tee times are to be used as a guide and are subject to change.

Round 1: Hotchkin course women from 9:30, men from 10:20. 10 minute intervals. Random draw

Round 2: Bracken women from 08:00, men from 8:50. 10 minute intervals. Reverse score order.

Round 3: Hotchkin course men from 09:20, women from 11:00. 10 minute intervals. Reverse score order.


There will be a cut after Round 2. Exact numbers going through to the final round will be confirmed before the beginning of Round 2.