We are back in Sheffield for the Individual Championships.

Event Guide


Competitors must register before their first match on the day of competition, and collect their match scorecard. Competitors who do not register, and do not show for their first match, will be withdrawn. Competitors may be required to provide a valid student identification card at registration to confirm their eligibility.

Registration is located at Event Control on the first floor balcony in the Netball Hall. Registration opens one hour before competition starts (09:30 on Friday 14 February). Competitors should allow time to register before competing and are encouraged to register as soon as they arrive at the venue.

Below is the general registration times, more specific times will be published once the draw has been done.

Mens singles (MS)

Non-seeds         Friday 18th February    10.30

Seeds                Saturday 19th February  09.00

Womens singles (WS)

Non-seeds         Friday 18th February    13.30

Seeds                Saturday 19th February  14.30

Mens doubles (MD)

Non-seeds         Saturday 19th February    12.00

Seeds                Saturday 19th February  17.30

Womens Doubles (WD)

Non-seeds         Saturday 19th February   09.00

Seeds                Saturday 19th February  12.00

Mixed Doubles (MxD)

Non-seeds         Friday 18th February    16.30

Seeds                Saturday 19th February  18.30


The draw for the competition will be available on Friday 19 February at the venue.

The competition is run using a straight knockout format. There are no group stages.

Rules and Regulations

All BUCS badminton competitions are governed in accordance with the National Governing Body rules and regulations, unless superseded by a BUCS rule or regulation found here

The BUCS Tournament Referee has the final decision in all sporting competition matters. This includes any rulings or disputes not covered by regulations and the speed of shuttles used.

Competitors not on court within 5 minutes of their match being announced will forfeit the match.

Clothing and Equipment

Regulation clothing should be worn during matches, including clean rubber or similar soled footwear (non-marking). Doubles pairings are required to wear matching coloured clothing during matches i.e. shirts and shorts must match the same colour and style as their playing partner.

Competitors must provide their own equipment. BUCS will provide shuttles. BUCS cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to an individual’s possessions left in the venue.

All equipment bags should be left in the bag store located next to the entrance to the Netball Hall. Due to space restrictions competitors are encouraged to only bring essential items into the venue.

Any equipment bags taken into the seating area in the Basketball Hall will be removed by security.


In Rounds 1-3, play shall be continuous from the first service until the end of the match. There shall be no intervals: when a side reaches 11 points in a game, between the first and second games, and between the second and third games.

From Round 4 onwards coaching and intervals will be allowed.


Finals will take place on Sunday 20th February from approximately 2.30pm. The finals are estimated to finish by 7.00pm. The presentation of trophies and medals will take place following the conclusion of the finals. Timings are subject to change.


If you need to make changes to your entries, please come to the desk at the following times:

Friday 18 February

11.00 am
2.00 pm
6.00 pm

Saturday 19 February

9.30 am
11.00 am
2.00 pm