Kick your way to another martial arts discipline with our first of three Taekwondo Championships!

Entry Information 

Entry Dates and Cost

Entry Opening Date 

Tuesday 26th October 2021 
Entry Closing Date 

Student/competitors: Tuesday 16 November 2021 at 11:59pm
(Students/Competitors must apply by this deadline) 

Volunteer & Coach Registration (via BSTF website)

Institutional Administrators: Thursday 18th November 2021 at 11:59pm (Institutional Administrators are given 48 hours after the student / competitor deadline to approve entries)

Entry Costs 

  • Sparring entry (single elimination) £26.25;
  • Individual patterns entry (single elimination) £17.50;
  • Pairs patterns entry (single elimination) £10.50;
  • Team patterns entry (single elimination) £7.00;

We have now adapted the event to a single elimination contest to ensure we can allow as many students to compete as we can. 


Entry Allowance

Institutions can request an unlimited number of non-guaranteed entries in any division. However, should the event reach capacity, BUCS may need to restrict the number of entries per institution and Stage One registrants will be given priority.

BUCS Points

Team Points (all divisions)

The eight institutions with the highest total score accumulated by all their registered student-athletes in all disciplines, classes and divisions across all three (autumn, winter, spring) championships are awarded:

  • 1st place: 20 points
  • 2nd place: 14 points
  • 3rd place: 10 points
  • 4th place: 7 points
  • 5th place: 5 points
  • 6th place: 3 points
  • 7th place: 2 points
  • 8th place: 1 point

Individual Points (individual A-class divisions only)

A BUCS individual 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th placement is awarded to the top four student-athletes in each A-class sparring and individual patterns division based on their final score across the series, awarding 12, 8, 6 and 4 BUCS points per A-class division respectively.

Student-athletes may accrue ranking points in disciplines and divisions contested at one or more Series championship, and the sum of up to their best 2 sets of ranking points for separate division(s) across the Series determine their overall BUCS Individual Champion placement(s). Competitors are awarded 1 point for successful weigh-in & registration, plus ranking points based on their final placement in each division.

To see how many BUCS Points click here

Entry Process

To apply for the competition:

  1. Student-athletes, volunteers and coaches register for a membership pass on the BSTF website and record their BSTF ID code. Student-athletes must obtain a membership pass which matches their level of competition entry (A, B or C-class).
  2. All Student-athletes apply on BUCS Play, inputting their BSTF ID code* as indicated during registration.
  3. A team captain or institution administrator must submit their team's head-coach, assistant coaches and volunteers (registering sufficient volunteers to meet your team quota**) by selecting the event via the BSTF entry portal and completing the coach & volunteer registrations (this is required whether or not the same coaches and volunteer have already registered as competitors via the BUCS Play system).
  4. Institution administrator approves/denies entries.
  5. BUCS approves/denies entry into competition and publishes confirmed entry list.

*The number of L5 qualified volunteers submitted must meet the quota detailed in the panel below. 

Volunteer Quota Registration

Volunteer Registration and Quotas

Each individual participant (student-athletes, coaches and volunteers) must first hold a BSTF account, have selected the correct pass type and received their BSTF ID code.

A team captain or institution administrator must submit their team’s head-coach, assistant coaches and volunteers (registering sufficient volunteers to meet your team quota) by selecting the event via the BSTF entry portal and completing the coach & volunteer registrations (this is required whether or not the same coaches and volunteer have already registered as competitors via the BUCS Play system).

Attire for volunteers is sport shoes and black trousers; an officials t-shirt/ vest will be loaned to volunteers and must be worn during the event.

Quota at a glance

  • Provide 1 volunteer (L5/L4/L3 certified) for each 5 WT rules sparring competitors entered
  • Provide 1 volunteer (L5/L4/L3 certified ) for each 5 ITF rules sparring competitors entered
  • All members can gain L5 certification by completing a straightforward online exam; simply login to you account and select the Exam tab
  • Volunteers can be (and often are) morning patterns competitors who are not sparring that afternoon
  • Submit volunteers and coach entries via the BSTF entry portal

Quota in detail

Each institution’s quota number is a function of your team’s WT rules sparring entries and ITF rules sparring entries on that day. Each discipline’s quota calculated separately for each discipline and day, with one volunteer assistant judge (L5, L4 or L3 qualified) volunteer per five student-athletes sparring entries required, hence your volunteer quota may be different for each day of a multi-day championships.

For a teams entering 15 or more student-athletes on any single day, one or more of their volunteer quota must also hold at least a L4 trainee certification level (i.e., have completed the online exam and attended an online umpiring course).

  • Example: A team entering 14 student-athletes in ITF rules sparring and 18 student-athletes in WT rules sparring on the first day of a tournament would need to submit two or more ITF rules L5 trained volunteers and three or more WT rules trained volunteers (two WT rules L5 trained volunteers + one WT rules L4 trained volunteer) that day.
    • 34 entries in total = 5 volunteers required
    • 1 volunteer is required for every 5 full ITF rules sparing entries, we received 14 entries, therefore 2 volunteers required
    • 1 volunteer is required for every 5 full WT rules sparing entries, we received 18 entries, therefore 3 volunteers required

Who is eligible

  • Volunteer assistant judges submitted must have passed the online exam (for their L5 certification)
  • Volunteers may be student-athletes competing in patterns events (but not sparring) on the same day of the event
  • Volunteers may be student-athletes who are sparring on a different day of a multi-day event
  • L5 volunteers may be current students, alumni members, or members of your wider taekwondo group(s).

L5 Online Exams

To be eligible volunteers must hold a minimum L5 umpiring certification level.

All members can gain L5 certification by completing a straightforward online exam; simply login to Manage My Account and go to the Exams tab to begin.


All volunteers must be available for the full duration that day’s events, including attendance of the briefing session(s) listed in the itinerary. Teams will be penalised £75 for each infraction if a nominated volunteer assistant judge or trainee referee from your team’s quota is absent, late, indolent, or behaves in an unprofessional or unsportsmanlike manner.

More information

For further information about university umpires, training levels – L5, L4, L3, (volunteers) and L2, L1 (umpires) – and our online training seminars and weekend training courses, please visit the university umpires page.

We highly recommend all clubs encourage as many current student, alumni and other potential volunteers complete the online test as far in advance of tournaments as possible to give your club lots more options and more flexibility.


Withdrawals and changes

Competitor withdrawals must be made by a competitors athletic/students union by emailing James Francis.

Withdrawals before the entry deadline, 16 November 2021 at 11:59pm [Stage 1] will not be charged.

Withdrawals after the entry deadline, 16 November 2021 at 11:59pm [Stage 1] will still be charged the entry fee.



British Student Taekwondo Federation Membership

All participants must hold a valid British Student Taekwondo Federation (BSTF) membership pass of the correct type and grade class: Student-athlete Pass, Basic Pass (volunteers, assistants); Head-coach Pass; Umpire Pass, etc.

How/Useful Links

Membership pass registration is open here

Institution Administrators/Captains may group purchase student-athlete passes via the Institution Administrator portal.

An individual’s BSTF ID code is required for entry on BUCS Play. This can be found on the Manage My Account page after registration.


One week before entries are submitted on BUCS Play


Individuals without a valid BSTF membership pass will not be permitted to compete.

Covid-19 Measures

Covid-19 Measures

The safety of students, volunteers and staff remains paramount as we move into the 2021-22 season, therefore for the time being we will still be implementing a series of Covid-19 Measures at our events. Although certain safety measures surrounding Covid-19 will be dictated by a venue or specific sport requirements we will be continuing to implement the following general measures across all of our events:
  1. Event Disclaimer includes specifics around Covid-19
  2. Whist inside staff members and volunteers interacting with competitors will be wearing appropriate face coverings
  3. Covid-19 questionnaire completed prior to arrival at the event by all competitors, officials, volunteers and support staff.
  4. Access to hand-washing facilities, or hand sanitiser

What’s expected of competitors:

  1. Event competitors should stay home if they have any Covid-19 symptoms, live in the same household with someone with Covid-19 symptoms or have been diagnosed with, or suspected to have, Covid-19 in the past 10 days
  2. Competitors should stay home if they have been instructed to quarantine due to international travel restrictions or by NHS Track and Trace
  3. Competitors must follow direction from event staff, venue staff and volunteers.
  4. Competitors must complete Covid-19 questionnaire prior to arrival at the event  
  5. Competitors should ensure they are following hand hygiene practices at all times
  6. Competitors are encouraged to wear a face covering when indoors and moving about the building
  7. Competitors should follow the guidance and safety procedures outlined for the event you are attending. These can be found in the Event Guide once released.
  8. Competitors unable to attend event due to Covid-19 must contact the event lead

Lateral Flow Tests and Vaccine Status 

  1. For some events, dependent on local council recommendations or venue requirements we may require proof of negative PCR or rapid lateral flow tests within the last 48 hours or proof of being fully vaccinated for a least 2 weeks.

  2. If this is required it will be detailed in the entry information and the event guide for that event 


Guest Entries

Following the unprecedented circumstances which necessitated the cancellation of last year’s events, we are permitting alumni-competitor entries in this year’s BUCS Championships Series. Guest entry is limited to full time students from the Republic of Ireland and recent graduates (those graduating Nov 2020 – Aug 2021) only.

You will need to create an account on BUCS Play and join the Taekwondo community through the 'Guest' institution. The Event organiser will then be in contact with you directly to inform you as to whether you have been successful in entering the competition.

Please note, BUCS Points are not available for the guest entrants.