BUCS is the national governing body for Higher Education sport and the National University Sport Federation (NUSF) for the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland internationally. BUCS is a national member association within the International University Sports Federation (FISU), the global federation for international university sport and of the European University Sports Association (EUSA).

The international university sport programme encompasses the FISU Summer World University Games (WUGS), FISU Winter World Winter Games (WUGS) and FISU World University Championships (WUCS), EUSA European Universities Games (EUG), EUSA European Universities Championships (EUC), and Master U BNP Paribas. Working in association with sport specific national governing bodies through the implementation of International Selection and Provision Frameworks (ISPF), BUCS sanctions the participation of British athletes as part of GB Students representative delegations in world-level competition. For European competition, BUCS sanctions the representation of member universities that qualify by top four finish in the domestic BUCS National Championships.

The primary purposes of the international university programme is to enhance student experiences and aid the formative development of talented student-athletes and athlete support personnel (ASP) for future Olympic, Paralympic and world-level success, in association with and to compliment sport specific national governing body talent pathways, university institutions, British Olympic Association and Home Nation Councils.

The international university programme is inclusive of educational events, programmes and projects, providing students with influential opportunities to develop their knowledge and leadership skills in becoming future leaders in sport and society. In addition, providing platforms to share and exchange learnings, best practices, challenges and opportunities for the benefit of the membership. International educational activity includes FISU Ambassador Programme, FISU Volunteer Leadership Academy, FISU Forum and Young Reporters Programme. BUCS is also a member of the European Network of Academic Sport Services (ENAS).

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