We have all the answers that you need to get into the gym and being a part of UNIversal Gym.

What membership do I need in order to access this scheme?

You need to have an annual peak gym membership at your university of study or work.

Is this membership available to university staff too?

Yes, absolutely! As long as you have an annual peak membership at your university of work.

What do I need to do when accessing other university facilities?

There are a few simple things you need to do when visiting another gym:

  • Check the UNIversal Gym map to see which facilities you can use and be aware of any restrictions that may be in place before your first visit.
  • Make sure you have your UNIversal Gym membership card from your university before you visit another gym.
  • When you arrive, speak to a gym staff member and let them know you are part of the UNIversal Gym membership scheme.
  • If it is your first visit, you may be asked to complete a Health Commitment Statement and gym induction

The most important thing to remememer is to pack your university student card or staff ID as well as your UNIversal Gym membership card. If you don't have both cards, it does mean you can be refused entry.

How do I get hold of a UNIversal Gym membership card?

You'lll need to pick up your card from your university of study or work. Best to speak to a member of gym staff at your university as you'll need this card to access other university facilities.

When does the membership run from?

The scheme runs from 1 September 2019 – 31 August 2020. This is a fixed period, regardless of the date you start your membership at your university or when you pick up your card.

I pay for my annual peak membership by Direct Debit, can I still access this scheme?

Yes you can.  

If you are paying monthly payments, ​y​​​ou'll  need to pick up a UNIversal Gym membership card for each month you plan to access other university facilities.
If you pay for your annual peak membership a different way (for example every six months) then you'll need to get a new card when your second six month payment has been made.  

Does it matter where I get my gym membership from?

Your gym membership must be taken out at your university of study or work in order to gain access to this membership.

Why can I not access some of the universities on the list?

There are restrictions in place where there are university gyms in close proximity.

If your university of study or work is within close proximity to another university facility then you will not be able get access. This is to help prevent gyms with potential overcrowding. 

How do I know which facilities I can access through the scheme?

All UNIversal Gyms can be found on the UNIversal Gym map. Click on the pins on the map to get details of locations and facilities you can access at each university.

There are currently over 80 universities that are part of the scheme and over 100 facilities you can access. 

My university is NOT currently listed as being part of the scheme, can I still access the UNIversal Gym membership?

Unfortunately not. Your university has to be part of the scheme for you to be able to access this membership.

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