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For the upcoming 2016-17 season, BUCS, in collaboration with home nation unions and Rugby Vertical have launched BUCS Super Rugby.

BUCS Super Rugby is a new men’s Rugby Union league comprising of the eight best men’s Rugby Union university teams across the UK in an exciting new structure, ensuring the highest quality of rugby in each gameweek.

On 16th September, representative players and coaches from each of the eight competing teams arrived at the home of rugby, Twickenham Stadium to meet with representative from BUCS, Rugby Vertical and the RFU.

Keith Fleming, University of Exeter coach said: “The RFU and BUCS working in partnership is definitely helping move the programme forward. The RFU have come in with a raft of support packages for the universities involved which is helpful, and between them we’re going to make steps forward.”

Darren Fearn, Head of Rugby at Northumbria University said: “The BUCS Super League is a great opportunity to play top quality rugby, progressing on the rugby ladder while also getting a strong academic side. All the performance sports really push that at Northumbria, you push both angles and then you can have a degree and the chance to play professional rugby, which a lot of players have done in the past.”

Josh Longson, Leeds Beckett captain said: “I’ve been playing rugby at university for four years, so getting the chance to play at some of the best stadiums in the country and the best teams every week is something I’m really looking forward to.

“I didn’t start playing rugby until aged 16, and at that age it’s difficult to get into an academy level, so a lot of the guys, including myself, are using BUCS as a pathway – you still get your degree and also a chance to get in the professional game.

“The RFU already have a structure in place, so they know what is needed for BUCS to benefit and go pro, which is everyone’s aim.”

The first round of matches starts on Wednesday 5th October, with a selection of games being live streamed throughout the season in conjunction with Rugby Vertical.

The culmination of the season is Championship Final at Twickenham on 30th March 2017.

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