The FA Grassroots Hub programme helps universities provide opportunities for students and their local community to get out and have a kickabout.

The FA University Grassroots Hubs helps institutions create a football and futsal offer for everyone. It creates opportunities for both males, females, those in the student environment and those in the outer local community.

Hub delivery has four key areas: 

Collaborative Working
Ensures plans and resources are shared and connected between internal university departments and the local football partners.

Student Activity
Focuses on providing a offers from social through to a competitive, to make sure all students can play the way that's right for them.

Future Workforce
Provides students the opportunity to train and learn about delivering in the game. From referee, coach or admin, all roles are important to deliver hub activity.

Community Engagement
Challenges institutions to develop an understanding of the wider local grassroots pathway. This focuses on providing opportunities outside of current pathway to help meet local demand.

Three tiers to the Hub Model

The Hub Model has three tiers. Each one shows a different level that universities can engage and get involved to grow their football fustal offer.

Tier One
This is the most involved and engaged level hubs. They deliver the following across all four key areas. This inludes the following:  

  • An investment to help fund a role that's dedicated to leading and delivering their hub developmnet plan at their university. 
  • Guide the network and support other hubs at the local level 
  • Deliver a complete pathway for male and female participation 
  • A workforce offer providing students with opportunities to develop through these roles
  • Community provision alighned to the needs of the local landscape. 

Tier Two
The next tier down, these hubs are engaged and proactive and deliver the following across the four key areas. These hubs receives investments which assists helping to deliver more opportunities for students and the community.

Tier Three 
This tier is for all BUCS member universities and colleges. This doesn't have any specific grants but there are many services available to help improve their programme. This includes:

  • Regional, national and professional development opportunities
  • Exclusive access to innovation funding where available 
  • FA offers provided through BUCS to the Hub Network
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