Mini Leagues

The first part to the 2021 - 22 Equestrian season starts with mini-leagues.

Mini leagues are returning. With four hosting windows to determine the best teams and individuals. Who will qualify for the Regionals?

The hosting window dates are shown in the table below. If you are the first named team in the league, you will host in the first window and so on and so fourth. 

Hosting window  Dates
1st Wednesday 27 October 2021 to Friday 3 December 2021
2nd Saturday 4 December 2021 to Friday 28 January 2022
3rd Satruday 29 January to Friday 25 February 2022
4th Saturday 26 February 2022 to Friday 25 March 2022

Below are all the documents required for mini leagues:-

Submission of Rider List

All institutions/Playing Entities must submit team lists of their riders, providing 4-5 names per team, from which any rider listed may not compete below the team they are listed for during any stage of the competition (Mini Leagues, Regional Rounds and National Finals), as well as a reserve list of any further riders in their club which may be required to ride if those listed for specific teams are not available as per EQU 3.3.

Team lists will be locked until the opening of a re-ranking window and cannot be changed outside the set re-ranking window under any circumstances. Re-rankings only come into effect at the end of the re-ranking window.


Initial Deadline: Monday 25 October 2021

Re-ranking Window: Monday 29 November – Friday 3 December 2021


£250 fine if not submitted prior to the deadline.

Rider List Form

Rider List

Please provide the names of all your riders for each team.

Please put each rider on a new line. Each team must have minimum four and maximum five riders.


Submission of Mini League Match Dates and Venues

All institutions/Playing Entities must confirm all home match dates and venues to BUCS as per EQU 4.2.3.


Friday 8 October 2021


£100 fine if not submitted prior the deadline.

Match Dates and Venues Form



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