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Climbing Champs are back for another year, again as part of the ever growing BUCS Nationals 2016-17.


BUCS Climbing Qualifiers 2016-17

Update: 25th October 2016

BUCS Climbing Championships – Regional Qualifiers

Cancellation of Regional Qualifiers

As published in the BUCS Climbing Championships Entry Information document, BUCS outlined that if the proposed regional qualifiers did not meet the minimum entry numbers required to deliver the competition in this format, then BUCS would notify institutions on Tuesday 25th October of any cancellations.

Unfortunately, all of the qualifiers were undersubscribed with entries, and a result will not be taking place this season. However BUCS will be looking to apply the regionals format again for the 2017-18 season.

Moving forwards, BUCS will be shortly removing the event and deleting all entries from BUCScore. We will then be re-opening entries for the event alongside all other BUCS Nationals entries on Tuesday 15th November 2016. EVERYONE will be required to re-enter once the event re-opens if they wish to compete in the BUCS Climbing Championships 2016-17.

If you have any specific questions regarding this, please contact Jenny Morris, BUCS Sports Manager, via or 0207 633 4995


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