On behalf of the BUCS Executive, we would like to again convey my thanks to everyone who has taken the time to provide feedback to us this week. Be that directly, or through representatives on BUCS Advisory Group, National Competitions Group or Senior Manager Executive.

With such a short turnaround it is fantastic to have had such a high level of engagement. In total, almost 100 members responded to the call for feedback. The result of this is a feeling of confidence in the decisions we have made about how best to proceed with the league and knockout programme this academic year.

That does not mean we are blind to the fact that there will be decisions that do not align with the responses of individual institutions, and that there will be some frustration with the outcomes. We trust that you will appreciate that we have taken decisions that we feel benefit the majority and, to that extent, have chosen a blanket decision on the options presented. This does not mean that we will not look at each situation on a case by case basis, but that we will be doing it within the approach outlined within the decisions document and, where possible, using our regulations.

We are also very conscious that these decisions may come somewhat out of the blue for your students, who will soon be faced with the reality that their season has prematurely ended. Therefore we ask for your support when disseminating information in relation to the decisions made. 

We have outlined the decisions that have been taken, along with the next steps, in the following document:

Leagues and Knockouts 2019-20: Covid 19 - Next Steps

If you have any questions, please contact Jenny Morris or Ben Philip.

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