The BUCS Downhill Mountain Bike Championships will take place from 7th-9th April 2017, returning to Innerleithen where the Championships were held in 2015.

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Friday 7th April - Sunday 9th April 2017


Innerleithen, Scotland - grid reference NT 335 357

Staged entry
This competition operates a staged entry process. Entries received before the Stage 1 entry closing date of Thursday 23rd March 2017 will be accepted where the competition allows. Only if after the closing of Stage 1 the competition allows, will Stage 2 open with a closing date of Thursday 30th March 2017.

Stage 2 entries will only be accepted if the competition allows and priority will remain with the entries received before the Stage 1 entry closing date. If Stage 2 opens and any entries received are accepted into the competition they will be charged an additional 20% fee.

Entry opening date   
Tuesday 7th March 2017

Stage 1 entry closing date
Thursday 23rd March 2017

Stage 2 entry closing date
Tuesday 30th March 2017

Entry costs
Individuals (Stage 1 Entry): £67.00 (Includes camping on Friday & Saturday nights)
Individuals (Stage 2 Entry): £80.40 (Includes camping on Friday & Saturday nights)
Teams: No fee as results are extracted.

Entry information
Please see downloads on right of page for entry information. Please note that only current student entries will be accepted - there will not be any Alumni or Guest spaces available.

Please note: An email address is required to enable an individual to be entered effectively within BUCScore as the system uses email addresses as unique identifiers. The email address used for each entrant must be unique to maintain validity of their entry. Changing or duplicating an email address for an entrant may result in the entry being overwritten and therefore withdrawn.

Pre-event information
Please see downloads on right of page for final pre-event information, including entry lists.

Rules and Regulations
Please click here to read the BUCS Cycling Rules & Regulations which should be read in conjunction with the entry and pre-event information. This event is run under the General and Mountain Bike Specific Rules & Regulations of British Cycling and as such all riders must be conversant with these rules, in particular with regards to bikes, clothing and protection. It is the responsibility of each individual rider to read these and comply.

Live timing was provided, including throughout practice, by Action Sports Timing and the full results are availabe to view online here including timings from practice and qualification runs.

Individual Championship Run Results

Men's Team Results

Women's Team Results

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