LUSL is all about being fun, flexible and innovative, letting London students get playing their sport how they want to. 

To help ensure that every player and team plays the way they want to, LUSL has three different tiers of competition.

1. Recreational

This is for the new kids on the block that want to test out a new sport, or to just have some laughs with mates. It's all about playing taking part in a friendly atmosphere. 

2. Intermediate

This is for students to play the sport you love in a less formal setting than the BUCS Wednesday leagues. It's great for development squads, social teams and players who know the game and the rules. It's a higher standard of the game, but that's about it, it's all about fun. 

3. Competitive

Can't get enough of the competition and want to walk away a winner. The Competitive Tier observes many of the BUCS rules and regulations, and simply reduces the travel. So we recommend you know the rules and the game before your first game.

To learn more about your sport and the scheduling and dates as you need them, head on over to the BUCS Play. 

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