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Naples 2019 - Results

Below you will find a results summary for the GB Students team competing at the Summer Universiade 2019 in Naples, Italy. For full results from the Games please click here and for sport specific links click on the sport titles below.


Alicia Wilson (University of California, Berkeley) - Swimming, 200m Individual Medley
David Cumberlidge (Heriot-Watt University) - Swimming, 50m Freestyle
Jess Judd (Loughborough University) - Athletics, 5000m

Joe Litchfield (Sheffield Hallam University) - Swimming, 200m Individual Medley
Sarah Vasey (Loughborough University) - Swimming, 50m Breaststroke

Emily Arbuthnott (Stanford University) – Tennis, Women’s Singles

Chloe Golding (Manchester Metropolitan University) - Swimming, 200m Backstroke
Gemma McArthur (University of Edinburgh) - Diving, 10m Platform
Taylor Campbell (Loughborough University) - Athletics, Hammer Throw
Emily Barclay (Loughborough University) - Swimming, 50m Freestyle
Sport Summaries
Men’s Recurve 
William Pike (University of Warwick) – Qualifying Round - 27th, Elimination Stage - Round of 32
Women’s Recurve
Philippa Taylor (University of Derby) – Qualifying Round - 47th, Elimination Stage - Round of 48
Hannah Burnage (University of Warwick) – Qualifying Round - 41st, Elimination Stage - Round of 32
Men’s Compound
Kai Thomas-Prause (University of Warwick) – Qualifying Round - 12th, Elimination Stage - Round of 32
Stuart Taylor (Keele University) – Qualifying Round - 28th, Elimination Stage - Round of 32
Women’s Compound
Sarah Moon (Nottingham Trent University) – Qualifying Round - 5th, Elimination Stage - Round of 32
Isabelle Carpenter (Sheffield Hallam University) – Qualifying Round - 20th, Elimination Stage - Round of 16
Women’s Recurve Team (P Taylor/Burnage) – Qualification Round 19th
Mixed Recurve Team (Burnage/Pike) – Qualification 20th, Elimination Stage - Round of 24
Compound Men’s Team (Thomas-Prause/S Taylor) – Qualification 10th, Elimination Stage - Round of 16
Compound Women’s Team (Moon/Carpenter) – Qualification 4th, Elimination Stage - 7th 
Compound Mixed Team (Moon/Thomas-Prause) – Qualification 6th, Elimination Stage - 7th 
100m - Adam Thomas (Loughborough University) – Heat 4th, SF 7th
200m - Jordan Broome (University College Birmingham) – Heat 1st, SF 1st, Final 6th 
1500m - Michael Wilson (University of New Mexico) – Heat 2nd, Final 5th
110m Hurdles - Miguel Perera (Loughborough University) – Heat 5th
110m Hurdles - Khai Riley-La Borde (University of Greenwich) – Heat 4th, SF 6th
3000m Steeplechase - Mark Pearce (University of Birmingham) – Heat 4th, Final 7th
High Jump - William Grimsey (Loughborough University) – Qual B 3rd, Final =6th 
Long Jump - Samuel Khogali (Loughborough University) – DNS
Long Jump - Jack Roach (Northumbria University) – Qual B 15th
Hammer - Taylor Campbell (Loughborough University) – Qual A 3rd, Final 3rd BRONZE
Hammer - Joseph Ellis (University of Michigan) – Qual B 6th, Final 9th
Discus - Nicholas Percy (University of Nebraska) – Qual B 3rd, Final 7th
Discus - Gregory Thompson (University of Maryland) – Qual A 2nd, Final 4th
Decathlon - Harry Maslen (Angelo State University) – 10th 
800m - Mari Smith (University of Birmingham) – Heat 1st, SF 3rd
1500m - Dani Chattenton (University of London, Imperial College London) – Heat 4th, Final 8th
5000m - Jessica Judd (Loughborough University) – Heat 5th, Final 1st GOLD
10,000m - Jenny Nesbitt (University of Bath) – Final 8th
100m Hurdles - Jessica Hunter (University of Bedfordshire) – Heat 2nd, SF 6th 
Half Marathon - Rebecca Murray (Brunel University London) – 7th 
Heptathlon - Emma Nwofor (Brunel University London) – 9th
Heptathlon - Lucy Turner (Northumbria University) – DNF
1m Springboard 
Millie Fowler (University of Edinburgh) - Final - 8th
Kayleigh Sinclair (Plymouth Marjon University) - Preliminary Round - 14th
3m Springboard
Kayleigh Sinclair (Plymouth Marjon University) - Final - 8th
Millie Fowler (University of Edinburgh) - Semi Final - 14th
10m Platform
Gemma McArthur (University of Edinburgh) - Final - 3rd BRONZE
Shanice Lobb (Plymouth Marjon University) - Semi Final - 15th 
Women's Epee
Danielle Lawson (Nottingham Trent University) - Round of 64
Women's Sabre
Caitlin Maxwell (University College London) - Round of 16
Kate Daykin (Heriot-Watt University) - Round of 64
Maria Chart (Colombia University) - Qualification Round 45th 
Men's Foil
Harry Bird (University of Bristol) - Round of 64
Dominic De Almeida (Goldsmiths, University of London) - Round of 64
Men's Epee
William East (Brunel University London) - Qualification Round 66th 

Men's Sabre
Will Deary (King’s College London) - Round of 16
Zachary Hamilton (Loughborough University) - Round of 64
Women's Team Sabre
Maxwell/Daykin/Chart - 6th 
Men's 10m Air Pistol Men 
James Miller (Cardiff University) - Qualification Round - 12th
Women's 10m Air Pistol       
Samantha Darling (University of Bristol) - Qualification Round - 36th
10m Air Pistol Mixed Team
James Miller & Samantha Darling - Qualification Round - 13th
Women's 10m Air Rifle       
Seonaid McIntosh (Heriot-Watt University) - Qualification Round - 17th                         
Kim Tzabach (Nottingham Trent University) - Qualification Round - 23rd 
Men's Skeet
Jack Fairclough (Royal Agricultural University) - 13th 
Abbie Wood (Loughborough University)
400m Individual Medley – Heat 1st, Final DNS
200m Individual Medley – Heat 2nd, SF 2nd, Final 6th
400m Freestyle – Heat 2nd, Final 4th 

Alicia Wilson (University of California, Berkeley)
200m Individual Medley – Heat 1st, SF 1st, Final 1st GOLD
200m Freestyle – Heat 6th

Charlotte Atkinson (Loughborough University)
50m Butterfly – Heat 5th, SF 8th             
100m Butterfly – Heat 3rd, SF 6th
200m Butterfly – Heat 1st, SF 4th, Final 7th

Chloe Golding (Manchester Metropolitan University)
200m Backstroke – Heat 2nd, SF 2nd, Final 3rd BRONZE
100m Backstroke – Heat 4th, SF 5th         

Craig Benson (University of Stirling)
50m Breaststroke – Heat 4th
100m Breaststroke – Heat 1st, SF 2nd, Final 6th     
200m Breaststroke – Heat 2nd, SF 4th      

Craig McLean (University of Stirling)
200m Freestyle – Heat 7th
100m Freestyle – Heat 6th

David Cumberlidge (Heriot-Watt University)
100m Freestyle – Heat 3rd, SF 3rd, Final 6th
50m Freestyle – Heat 1st, SF 1st
Final 1st GOLD

Emily Barclay (Loughborough University)
100m Freestyle – Heat 6th
50m Freestyle – Heat 2nd, SF 2nd
Final 3rd BRONZE 
50m Butterfly – Heat 6th, SF 7th  

Jocelyn Ulyett (Loughborough University)
100m Breaststroke – Heat 3rd, SF 7th      
200m Breaststroke – Heat 4th, SF 5th, Final 7th     

Joe Litchfield (Sheffield Hallam University)
100m Backstroke – Heat 7th       
200m Individual Medley – Heat 1st, SF 1st, Final 2nd SILVER
400m Individual Medley – Heat 6th 
100m Butterfly – Heat 3rd, SF 6th

Kathryn Greenslade (University of Edinburgh)
200m Backstroke – Heat 3rd, SF 3rd, Final 6th                   
200m Freestyle – Heat 1st, SF 2nd, Final 6th
400m Freestyle – Heat 5th, Final 8th
Katie Matts (Manchester Metropolitan University)
200m Breaststroke – Heat 2nd, SF 4th, Final 8th     
50m Breaststroke – Heat 6th       
Mark Szaranek (University of Florida)
200m Individual Medley – Heat 3rd, SF 8th
400m Individual Medley – Heat 3rd, Final 5th
Sarah Vasey (Loughborough University)
100m Breaststroke – Heat 3rd, SF 3rd, Final 5th     
50m Breaststroke – Heat 2nd, SF 2nd
Final 2nd SILVER                                 
Men’s 4x100 Freestyle Relay (Cumberlidge/McLean/Litchfield/Szaranek) – Heat 1st, Final 7th
Women’s 4x100 Medley Relay (Golding/Vasey/Atkinson/Wilson [H]/Greenslade[F]) – Heat 2nd, Final 6th 
Men’s 4x100 Medley Relay (McLean/Benson/Litchfield/Cumberlidge) – Heat DSQ
Men's Singles
Helshan Weerasinghe (University College London) - Round of 64
Joshua Bennett (University of Nottingham) - Pool Stages
Colin Dalgleish (Robert Gordon University) - Pool Stages
Women's Singles
Tin-Tin Ho (University of Nottingham) - Round of 16
Chloe Thomas (Bournemouth University) - Round of 32
Emily Bolton (University of Bedfordshire) - Round of 64
Men's Doubles
Bennett/Weerasinghe - Round of 64
Women's Doubles
Bolton/Ho - Round of 16 
Mixed Doubles
Bennett/Ho - Round of 16
Dalgleish/Thomas - Round of 64
Men's Team - Round of 16
Women's Team - Quarter Finals
Men’s Singles
Scott Duncan (University of Stirling) – Round of 64
Ryan Peniston (University of Memphis) – Round of 16

Women’s Singles
Emily Arbuthnott (Stanford University) – 
Runner Up SILVER
Holly Hutchinson (Old Dominion University) – Round of 64 (Consolation Draw - Last 16)

Men’s Doubles
Duncan/Peniston – Round of 16

Women’s Doubles
Arbuthnott/Hutchinson – Quarter Finals

Mixed Doubles
Arbuthnott/Duncan – Quarter Finals
Water Polo (Men)
Preliminary Rounds
RUS 25 - 1 GBR
GBR 17 - 9 KOR
GBR 3 - 17 USA
FRA 15 - 9 GBR
Round of 16
GBR 10 – 18 JPN
9th-10th Playoff
KOR 7 – 15 GBR – 9th place finish


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