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Member institutions now have the opportunity to suggest content that they would like see delivered at BUCS Conference 2019

With the theme of BUCS Conference 2019 confirmed as '100 Years of University Sport' there is now the opportunity for members to suggest content and sessions that they would like to see delivered as part of this theme. For a wider overview of the theme please click here.

The content within BUCS Conference will aim to celebrate the success of university sport and physical activity across a broad range of areas. Whilst members are able to submit all content ideas as required, or can express an interest in delivering a workshop, BUCS is ideally looking for keynote and workshop suggestions within the following areas:

- International, Performance and Domestic Sports Programmes

- Leadership and Workforce Development

- Student Engagement

- Health, Wellbeing and Inclusion

- Community Engagement

- Participation

- Facility Development

- The Future of the HE Sector

It is expected that all speakers and workshops at Conference 2019 will provide expertise, best practice and insight across the above areas, providing a holistic overview of the impact of university sport and what success may look like in the future. When considering content suggestions, members are requested to consider their own networks and alumni - outlining where high profile, relevant and engaging speakers and partners might be able to be recruited to enhance the event. 

To provide suggested content for BUCS Conference, or to express an interest in delivering a session, please contact Matt Holdstock, Senior Development Manager. Please include within this:

- The specific topic area, idea, or speaker suggestion

- How this suggestion fits within the theme of BUCS Conference

- How this idea might be delivered at the event

All suggestions and ideas should be submitted by Friday 22 February 2019 so that BUCS can finalise the structure and programme for the Conference. If you would like to discuss your idea or suggestion for BUCS Conference please call Matt Holdstock on 07769297503, or the BUCS office on 0207 633 5080.

Following this process, the draft content and programme for BUCS Conference 2019 will be released in the lead up to the event and communicated to members in due course.

For information on the keynote speakers currently confirmed to attend BUCS Conference 2019 please click here

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