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Centenary 2019

Conference Theme

‘100 Years of University Sport’

With 2019 being BUCS Centenary year and a milestone for the HE sporting sector, the theme of BUCS Conference 2019 is ‘100 years of University Sport’. The Conference will act as a celebration of HE sport and physical activity – outlining the importance, impact, value and contribution of sport within the university environment and the wider sporting landscape. The event will showcase the achievements of the past 100 years, whilst looking towards the future successes and challenges that lie ahead. 

With the Intervarsity Athletics Board having been formed in 1919, BUCS Conference will reflect on the evolution to the modern day that sees over 160 BUCS members delivering a wide range of sport, physical activity, recreational and workforce offers to students, plus over 50 sports contributing to the BUCS competition and events programme. 

Conference 2019 will celebrate the current day diversity, accessibility, vibrancy and inclusivity of university sport and how this has been achieved. Content will explore this success and examine what can be implemented to extend the reach of programmes to an even broader range of participant.

Delivery will showcase the development opportunities and experience that HE sport has given a wide range of staff, student officers and athletes - whilst highlighting the substantial contribution that sport and physical activity make to the student experience, student engagement, graduate attributes and wider university outcomes.

Content will celebrate the success of university sport and physical activity across a broad range of areas. This will include international and domestic sports programmes, leadership, student engagement, health and wellbeing, community engagement, participation, facility development and workforce development. Speakers and workshops will provide expertise, best practice and insight across these areas to provide a holistic overview of the impact of university sport.

BUCS Conference will look to the future, examining the pressures, challenges and opportunities that lie ahead discussing whether the HE sector is positioned to tackle these. How can we learn from the past, embrace change and develop increasingly innovative solutions and outcomes?  

With a century of history and delivery, the event will develop an understanding of how the future of HE Sport can be secured and resourced, whilst recognising the impact that the sector makes. Focus will include how HE sport and physical activity can continue to adapt to embrace the demands of the university environment, placing students at the heart of a holistic, well-rounded, accessible, high quality offer.

BUCS Conference will celebrate all that is good about university sport, whilst paving the way ahead for years to come!

BUCS are pleased to confirm there will be six supporting partners for BUCS Conference 2019: Kukri Sport, Outgoing, Technogym, Teqball, SIS Pitches and Playwaze.  

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