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Round 6

Another week another team tops the table. Your Round 6 Match Moments is here!

MATCH 1: Hartpury Steal Victory From Northumbria To Continue Their Winning Ways 

Having gained the lead during the second half, Northumbria lost out on the victory bonus point thanks to a late penalty for Hartpury to settle the score at 18-17. 

Having fallen behind at half time, Northumbria's Yaree Fantini secured two quick tries for the visitors, causing Hartpury to trail 15-17 with 5 minutes to go. As the clocked ticked down things looked to be moving in Northumbria's favour, yet in a twist of fate Hartpury were gifted with a penalty. With the victory hanging in the balance, Hartpury's Nathan Chamberlain kept his composure to snatch the win for the home side.  

MATCH 2: Bath Bonus Point Tips Them To Top Of The Table 

A victory over Nottingham Trent last night saw Bath bag their fourth consecutive win, edging them to top of the BUCS Super Rugby league table. 

Despite Trent opening the scoring, Bath looked comfortable crossing the line twice and scoring a penalty in the first half to lead 17-7. 

The break proved beneficial to Bath as they increased their intensity, stunning Trent with 4 tries. In light of this, Trent attempted to challenge Bath but sadly this challenge came too late with Bath doing enough to take the 19 - 37 win and bonus points home.

MATCH 3: Cardiff Held Off Of Their First BUCS Super Rugby Win By Exeter

Despite Cardiff throwing everything they had at Exeter, the men in green stayed strong to travel back with the win. 

The first half highlighted why Exeter are the reining league champions. With 5 tried scored for the visitors Exeter entered the break with a bonus point already in their pockets. However, as play returned after the break Cardiff once again proved why they shouldn't be underestimated. The home side secured two well-earnt tries in the final four minutes to finish the match 27-15, rewarding themselves with a well-earned bonus point. 

MATCH 4: Durham Return to Winning Ways Against Loughborough

Having conceded their first defeat last week against Hartpury, Durham delivered a solid victory over Loughborough to bring their league campaign back on track. 

The first half displayed that Durham are not willing to make losing a habit this season. The home side entered the break with their 4-try bonus point secured thanks to Tom Lewis, Rawston-Rudd (2) and Saul Melvin-Farr taking the score to 24-7.

Despite falling behind, Loughborough brought a hard fight to the second half, opening the scoring to keep the match open. However any hopes of a comeback were stopped by a fifth and final try alongside a late penalty for Durham.

MATCH 5: Leeds Beckett Test Cardiff Met In A Second Half Thriller 

Having fallen behind in the first half, Leeds Beckett showed determination to in the second to challenge Met for the victory. 

Having scored a 22-7 lead, things looked towards a Cardiff Met victory from early on. After the break things did not appear to be as clear-cut. Beckett converted 2 tries to reduce the deficit to 4 points, the game now hung in the balance. Whilst Beckett continued to challenge Met, sadly for the visitors it was not enough. Cardiff Met secured the victory 32-21. 

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