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BUCS Senior Managers Executive Group

The BUCS Senior Managers Executive Group is a member-led group responsible for the strategic oversight and direction of the BUCS vision and strategy.

The full terms of reference for the Senior Managers Executive Group can be found here.

The group also advises and supports the delivery of BUCS Senior Manager Events as well as promoting the membership of the group and encouraging interaction. They work in conjunction with, and in support of, the BUCS Regional structures and Advisory Group as well to ensure sound engagement of Senior Managers across Higher Education.


The group is made of staff from BUCS member institutions who usually operate at a strategic level within those institutions.  The membership of the group is a mix of appointed roles (linked to the BUCS Strategy groups) and elected positions, in order to ensure sufficient expertise as well as remaining representative of the BUCS membership.

The group is therefore comprised as follows:


Chair - Cathy Gallagher, Director of Sport, University of Stirling
Vice-Chair - Fiona Dick, Head of Sport, De Montfort University
Non-portfolio - Bess Evans, Head of WLV Sport, University of Wolverhampton
Non-portfolio - tbc
Non-portfolio - tbc


Chair - Physical Activity & Health Board
Chair - Social & Recreational Sport Group
Chair - Inter-University Competition (Sport Review) Group
Chair - Professional & Workforce Development Group
Chair - Profile & Influence Group
Chair - Inclusion Board
BUCS Advisory Group Representative


The Chair of the Senior Managers Executive Group also sits as a non-executive Director on the BUCS Board.

In line with other Board positions, the Chair of the group will serve an initial three year term, and can serve a maximum of two consecutive terms (if re-appointed). 

In line with the BUCS Officer roles, the remaining elected positions will serve a period of two years, and can serve a maximum of two consecutive terms (if re-appointed).

Details of the role requirements for the election positions can be found here.


Nominations were recently invited from the Senior Managers Network for the five elected roles.
Three nominations were received by the deadline of Friday 19 October 2018.

The following three candidates were therefore automatically appointed to the Group:

Fiona Dick - Head of Sport, De Montfort University
Bess Evans - Head of WLV Sport, University of Wolverhampton
Cathy Gallagher - Director of Sport, University of Stirling

Of these three candidates, both Fiona Dick and Cathy Gallagher expressed an interest in standing for Chair, and therefore an election took place for this role.

Voting closed on Fri 2 Nov 2018 and the two nominated member representatives for each BUCS member institution were able to vote.

In this election, Cathy Gallagher received the most votes and is therefore appointed as Chair of the Senior Managers Executive Group.  Fiona Dick will be appointed as Vice-Chair.

The remaining two non-portfolio roles can be filled by co-option at the discretion of the Group as deemed most appropriate for skills and representation.

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