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Round 3

Last Minute Winners, Double Red Cards & Bonus Points Galore - BUCS Super Rugby Round 3 Has It All!

MATCH 1: Leeds Beckett Steal Away Win Amongst Double-Red Drama at Hartpury 

Hartpury vs. Leeds Beckett certainly demonstrated the drama and unpredictability that BUCS Super Rugby holds. The first half was actioned packed in itself, with Leeds Beckett's Captain Conor Lloyd hitting a BUCS Super Rugby career total of 101 points to open the scoring. As Hartpury entered half time with a tight 18-10 lead over Beckett, it was clear that an exciting 40 minutes was on our hands. 

With Beckett closing the gap to one point, drama erupted between the two teams leading to a red card for Beckett's Conor Lloyd and Hartpury's Jordan Liney. Despite missing their captain, Beckett responded well to take the lead 18-34. Meanwhile Hartpury battled till the final whistle, just missing out on a bonus point as the game closed 25-34.  

MATCH 2: Cardiff Met Respond to Loughborough Tests with Consecutive BUCS Super Rugby Victory

As Cardiff Met entered round 3 off the back of their Cardiff Derby victory, Loughborough travelled to the Cyncoed Campus in the hope of claiming their first win of the 2018/19 season. Things looked promising for Loughborough as they trailed by 2 points to Met at the end of the first half (10-7).

Hopes continued to be heightened when Loughborough opened the second half to level the score to 10-10. Unfortunately for Loughborough, Met were quick to respond, building a 21-10 lead. This gap proved too great for Loughborough to come back from with the final score finishing 21-17. 

MATCH 3: Bath Register First BUCS Super Rugby 18/19 Win Against Nottingham Trent

Recognised by Head of Rugby Aaron James, Bath were keen to break their losing spell with a win at home. Bath Captain Tom Doughty set the perfect example for his team, scoring a hat-trick in the first half. Meanwhile, Trent dug deep to minimise the gap between them and Bath, entering half time 20-17 to Bath. 

The half-time break proved beneficial to Bath as they opened the scoring with two successive tries (34-17). Trent did not let this phase them, touching two tries of their own to create a tense atmosphere into the closing moments. Luckily for Bath they were able to hang on to their lead, taking the victory 41-36. 

MATCH 4: Durham Deny Exeter Victory to Top the BUCS Super Rugby League Table 

With things pointing towards an Exeter victory, Durham's Fitz Harding was there to break Exeter's hopes with a winning try in the 72nd minute. 

Despite Durham creating an inital 12 point lead in the first half, Exeter refused to keep it this way fighting back to take the lead at the end of the half 19-21. 

Whilst Durham re-opened the scoring in the second half, it began to look like a green victory was imminent as Exeter stole the lead just over the hour mark. However, Harding ensured that this wasn't going to be the case, bounding through the Exeter defence to close the scoring with 8 minutes to go. Final Score 29-28.  

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