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Partners & Sponsors

BUCS is proud to be working with the following partners and sponsors for BUCS Conference 2018.



Outgoing are the UK’s leading student travel, event, festival and tour Operator. Established in 1999 we have been leading the way in the student sector ever since and take students away all over the world. We have been working alongside BUCS for the past 10 years on the Surf Championships and as proud sponsor partners of Conference once again, we look forward to meeting old friends, and some new ones at The University of the West of England.

For more information please visit the Outgoing website or email the Outgoing team here



MUHDO are a DNA profiling company that deliver personalised health and fitness recommendations to help you or your students achieve their goals. MUHDO provide you with free access to hundreds of recipes, worksout and lifestyle advice - all tailored to your DNA. 

MUHDO are currently working with a range of universities across the country to help support their sporting programme, get in touch with them to find out how they can help your university or speak to them at this year's BUCS Conference.

For more information please visit the MUHDO website or email Darren Gratton.


TG 350

In a world where young people increasingly lead sedentary lifestyles, the threat to their physical and social health is immediate and real. Whether your students’ goals focus on performance as individual athletes or in teams, or for personal fitness, physical exercise offers profound and far-reaching benefits to all students, staff and even local communities. Technogym offers a broad and durable range of equipment, services and innovative, cloud-based apps tailored for your campus and commercial requirements.

For more information please visit the Technogym website or email Ben Sandham.



The DNA of Kukri Sports dates back to 1979, when the British Army Gurkhas and RAF joined together to create a stronger rugby club, the Flying Kukris. They officially became one club, when in true Kukri Sports tradition, a tailor was tasked with stitching the shirts of both clubs together to create a bespoke playing kit.

In 1999, Kukri were inspired by and created with the same values as that of the Army and RAF soldiers in the Flying Kukris. These being: quality, passion, diversity, professionalism and teamwork.

Kukri's mission from the outset was to give customers a choice, an identity, and to be proud of their club colours. With quality product and a professional service, Kukri quickly established themselves as a leading sports brand. 

From humble beginnings, Kukri now pride themselves on being an international sportswear manufacturer supplying bespoke team wear for over 100 sports.

For more information please contact Jack Hankey or visit their website

Playwaze Logo

Playwaze is a cloud-based web and mobile sports and physical activity technology platform. The Playwaze app simplifies the way grassroots sports and physical activities and competitions get organised, engaged in and found. It includes features for the running and publishing of single intervention activities and events, as well as recurring sessions, courses, and camps. There is a suite of competition features for running tournaments, leagues and ladders, and this all comes with a set of integral mobile app communication and payments features built-in.

The Playwaze platform is being harnessed by BUCS to replace BUCScore in September 2019, and by universities, like Brunel University and the University of Nottingham, to have their own cost-effective, branded sports and physical activity mobile apps. The Playwaze app, or a Playwaze-powered university app, can be used for sports club management, alongside the delivery of intra-mural leagues and physical activity offers for students, staff and the wider community, enhancing the university sports experience for all.

For more information, please email Charlie Clarke Playwaze Business Development Manager.

BUCS are also delighted to be joined by partners Take That PhotoHarlands Group and National Students ESports (NSE) on the Thursday of conference. 

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