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The 2018 World University Orienteering Championships will be held in Kuortane, Finland from 17 - 21 July.

General and sport specific selection criteria can be found under 'Selection Criteria 2018' to the left of this page.

Team & Results

Jonny Crickmore (S; 9th MSR; 4th L; 31st FR1 14th) - Heriot Watt
Sasha Chepelin (S; 5th MSR; 4th M; 8th FR1 14th) - University of Edinburgh
Matt Elkington (S; 37th L; 43rd FR2 10th) - University of Sheffield
Nathan Lawson (S; 35th M; 29th FR2 10th ) - University of Sheffield
Ben Mitchell (M; 34th L; 30th FR1 14th ) - University of the West of England
Joe Woodley (L; 51st FR2 10th) - University of Sheffield

Cecile Andersen (S; 33rd MSR; 4th L; 24th FR1 10th) - Oxford University
Megan Carter-Davies (MSR; 4th M; 13th L; 15th FR1 10th) - University of Bristol
Sarah Jones (M; 43rd L; 77th FR2 24th) - University of Edinburgh
Chloe Potter (S; 35th M; 46th FR2 24th) - Sheffield Hallam
Katie Reynolds (S; 11th FR2 24th) - Bangor University
Fay Walsh (M; 40th L; 32nd FR1 10th) - University of Edinburgh

Mark Saunders - Team Manager
Alice Bedwell - Coach

For a full list of Results please click here.

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