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Expense Form and Claims Procedure FAQs

Why has there been a review of the volunteer expense form and claims procedure?

BUCS is conducting a business wide review of processes and practices, the expense form and claim process has been a part of this. It is intended to simplify and clarify the process for all parties and as part of the process BUCS has consulted with 20 other governing bodies to review best practice and ensure parity.

When will the new form and process be in place?

It will be effective as of 1 August 2017.

Why has a cap on private travel been put in place?

Due to the number of volunteers actively choosing personal vehicle travel over public transport and the cost impact of this.

Why is there a time limit to claim and what happens if I submit a claim more than 28 days after the event?

There is a deadline in place, as a month after the event operational budgets are closed off and all finances for that event are finalised. If claims are submitted after the allotted 28 days, they will not be processed.

What if 1st class travel is a cheaper option than standard class?

Cheaper travel should be sought at all times, if 1st class is the cheaper option then proceed with this.

Why has the mileage rate been reduced?

BUCS consulted with 20 other governing bodies and reviewed the mileage rate in line with this.

What if I use my contactless debit/credit card for travel in London as opposed to my Oyster card?

BUCS will accept receipt of proven expenditure against travel by print out/screen grab of a bank statement showing the payment for travel.

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