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Conference 2017 Election Results

Elections took place on 13 July 2017 during BUCS Conference at the University of Hertfordshire.  Election results are listed below.

In 2017 the following positions were available for election:

4 x student officer

2 x staff officer.  The staff officer roles being Chair of Competitions Group and the portfolio of Marketing & Commercial.

Student Officers

Seven complete nominations were received by the deadline of 5pm Wednesday 5 July 2017 and therefore all seven candidates went forward to an election for the four student officer roles. The candidate receiving the most votes is elected to the Board and acts as Student Director for the duration of the 2017-18 academic year.

The following candidates were elected as the 2017/18 BUCS Student Officers:

Will Galloway – University of Bath 

Megan Beddoe – London School of Economics  
Owen Jones – Manchester Metropolitan University
Adam Pratchett
- University of Nottingham

Will Galloway received the most votes and is therefore also appointed as Student Director to sit on the BUCS Board.

Staff Officers

For the role of Chair of Competitions Group, two complete nominations were received by the deadline of 5pm Wednesday 5 July 2017.  The following candidate was elected:

Ross Simpson - Sports Programme Manager, University of Edinburgh


No nominations were received for the role of portfolio of Marketing & Commercial either by the original deadline of 5 July 2017, nor the by-election deadline of 5pm Tuesday 11 July 2017, and therefore the Returning Officer declared, under rule 43, the Board shall have responsibility for filling the post by co-option.

Role details

Full details of the Student and Staff Officer roles eligible for election for 2017/18 can be found below:

BUCS Staff Officer roles

BUCS Student Officer roles

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