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Conference 2016 Election Results

Elections took place on Thursday 14 July 2016 during BUCS Conference at the University of Warwick.

Election results are shown below:

In 2016, the following positions were up for election:
4x Student Officers
3x Staff Officers
1x Chair of Disciplinary Committee

Student Officers

Nine complete nominations were received by the deadline of 5pm Wednesday 6th July 2016 and therefore all nine candidates went forward to an election for the four student officer roles.

Please see below the candidates who were elected to the four student officer positions for 2016-17:

Name: Ted Crowson – Warwick University      

Name: Matt Nicholson – Nottingham Trent University

Name:  Ohio Orumen – Bucks New University

Name: Julia Ryland – London School of Economics

For the Student Director role, there was a tie between Matt Nicholson and Ohio Orumen.  The Returning Officer has therefore declared that a by-election will take place to determine which candidate will be elected Student Director.
Details of the by-election will be sent to those members who voted at the elections on 14th July 2016.

By-election results

A by-election was held to determine which candidate would take the role of student director.  Voting in the by-election closed om Monday 25 July and all votes cast have been counted.

Matt Nicholson received the most votes and is therefore appointed as Student Director and will sit on the BUCS Board.

Ohio Orumen will remain as a Student Officer.

Staff Officers - elected candidates

There were 3 staff vacancies open for nomination this year.

The following nominations were received before the original deadline of Wednesday 6th July 2016.

Name: Greg Sharp – University of Bath
Role: Chair of Advisory Group

Name: Alex Reilly-Cooper – London School of Economics
Role: Staff Officer

As a single nomination was received two of the vacant roles, the Returning Officer has declared, under rule 29, that the above candidates are automatically elected.

Signed: Dave Fletcher – Returning Officer

No nominations were received for remaining staff officer role, either by the original deadline or the by-election deadline, and therefore, the Returning Officer has declared, under rule 43, the Board shall have responsibility for filling the post by co-option.

Chair of Disciplinary

The following nomination was received for the post of Chair of Disciplinary.

Name:  Roger Finbow

As a single nomination was received the Returning Officer has declared, under rule 29, that the above candidate is automatically elected to the post of Chair of Disciplinary for a period of 2 years.

Signed:  Dave Fletcher – Returning Officer


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