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The 2018 World University Rowing Championships will be held in Shanghai, China from 10 - 12 August.

General and sport specific selection criteria can be found under 'Selection Criteria 2018' to the left of this page.


Frances Russell Newcastle University W 8+
Georgia Statham University of London W 8+
Lydia Currie Edinburgh University W 8+
Chloe Brew University of Southern California W 8+
Natasha Harris-White Newcastle University W 8+
Isobel Powell University of London W 8+
Rebecca Edwards University of Essex W 8+
Katie Bartlett Kingston University W 8+
Morgan Baynham-Williams Oxford University W 8+
Emma McDonald Glasgow University W 2-
Susie Dear Oxford Brookes University W 2-
Nicole Lamb Sheffield University W 1x
Fiona Chestnutt Newcastle University LW 2x
Alex Styles Oxford Brookes University LW 2x
Ben Reeves Oxford Brookes University LM 2x
Matt Curtis Edinburgh University LM 2x
Sam McKeown Queens Belfast M 1x
Harry Glenister Surrey University M 2-
Sholto Carnegie Yale University M 2-
Matt Benstead University of London M 4-
Oliver Wilkes Edinburgh University M 4-
Rory Gibbs Oxford Brookes University M 4-
Morgan Bolding Oxford Brookes University M 4-
George Stewart Surrey University M 8+
Rufus Scholefield City, University of London M 8+
Matt Hnatiw Oxford Brookes University M 8+
James Robson Newcastle University M 8+
Michael Glover Oxford Brookes University M 8+
Jack Gosden-Kaye University of Cal Berkeley M 8+
Henry Swarbrick Oxford Brookes University M 8+
James Stanhope Oxford Brookes University M 8+
Harry Brightmore Oxford Brookes University M 8+

Lee Boucher (Team Manager)
Hugo Gulliver (Lead Coach)
Phil Bourguignon (Coach)
Dan Harris (Coach)
Will King (Coach)
Brendan Gliddon (Coach)
Dominic Ellington (Physio)


The results are outstanding and say much for the team effort over the last few weeks and months. 

All 10 crews in the A Finals and came away with

6 Gold medals (M 2-, M 1x, M 4-, W 4-, W 8+, M 8+)

1 Silver medal (W 2-)

A 4th place (W 1x) and two 6th places (LW 2x and LM 2x) beats our previous best set of results from 2014 (4 Gold’s) and puts GB clearly at the top of the medal table.


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