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Results 2017

MATCHES ON TUESDAY 21 MARCH                 
Badminton Women Trophy Loughborough 2nds 5 V 3 Sussex 1sts
Badminton Men Trophy Bath 2nds 3 V 5 Glasgow 1sts
Table Tennis Women Trophy Nottingham 2nds 3 V 0 USW 1sts
Table Tennis Men Trophy Nottingham 2nds 7 V 9 Sheffield 1sts
Tennis Women Trophy Exeter 2nds 2 V 10 Durham 2nds
Tennis Men Trophy Durham 2nds 10 V 2 Cambridge 1sts
Volleyball Women Trophy Sheffield Hallam 1sts 3 V 0 Bristol 1sts
Volleyball Men Trophy Bristol 1sts 3 V 1 Northumbria 2nds
Water Polo Women Trophy Exeter 14 V 11 Nottingham
Water Polo Men Trophy UCL 1 9 V 12 Newcastle 1sts


Badminton Women Champ Loughborough 1sts 6 V 2 Nottingham 1sts
Badminton Men Champ Bath 1sts 4 V 4 Loughborough 1sts
Basketball Women Trophy Essex 1sts 64 V 73 Nottingham 1sts
Basketball Men Trophy Glasgow 1sts 54 V 80 Essex 1sts
Basketball Women Champ Durham 1sts 110 V 113 Loughborough 1sts
Basketball Men Champ Durham 1sts 62 V 73 Loughborough 1sts
Fencing Women Trophy Exeter 3 V 0 Liverpool
Fencing Men Trophy Loughborough 1 V 2 Warwick
Fencing Women Champ Durhams 1sts 1 V 2 Edinburgh 1sts
Fencing Men Champ Cambridge 1sts 1 V 2 Durham 1sts
Football Women Trophy Stirling 1sts 5 V 0 Loughborough 2nds
Football Men Trophy Worcester 1sts 0 V 0 Strathclyde 1sts
Football Women Champ Northumbria 1sts 3 V 4 Durham 1sts
Football Men Champ Northumbria 1sts 1 V 2 Cardiff Met 1sts
Hockey Women Trophy Exeter 2nds 2 V 1 Oxford Brookes 1sts
Hockey Men Trophy Cardiff 1sts 0 V 3 Exeter 2nds
Hockey Women Champ Loughborough 0 V 1 Birmingham
Hockey Men Champ Loughborough 1sts 2 V 1 Nottingham 1sts
Lacrosse Women Trophy Durham 2nds 15 V 10 Cardiff 1sts
Lacrosse Men Trophy Cambridge 1sts 7 V 10 Sheffield 1sts
Lacrosse Women Champ Exeter 1sts 2 V 7 Durham 1sts
Lacrosse Men Champ Nottingham Trent 1sts 9 V 12 Durham 1sts
Netball Women Trophy Surrey 1sts 72 V 55 MMU 1st
Netball Women Champ Hertfordshire 1sts 42 V 61 Loughborough 1sts
Rugby League Men Trophy Nottingham 14 V 12 Bath 1sts
Rugby League Men Champ Leeds Beckett 1sts 18 V 24 Northumbria 1sts
Rugby Union Men Vase Swansea 1sts 11 V 10 Nottingham 1sts
Rugby Union Women Trophy Birmingham 1sts 7 V 0 Nottingham 1sts
Rugby Union Women Vase Oxford 1sts 27 V 0 Newcastle 1sts
Rugby Union Men Trophy Glasgow 1sts 39 V 10 Edinburgh 1sts
Squash Men Trophy Birmingham 2nds 1 V 4 UWE 2nds
Squash Women Trophy Nottingham 2nds 2 V 2 Cardiff 1sts
Squash Women Champ Nottingham 1sts 4 V 0 UWE 1sts
Squash Men Champ UWE 1sts 3 V 2 Nottingham 1sts
Table Tennis Women Champ Nottingham 3 V 0 Durham 1sts
Table Tennis Men Champ Nottingham Trent 1sts 2 V 10 Nottingham 1sts
Tennis Women Champ Durham 1sts 8 V 4 Stirling 1sts
Tennis Men Champ Durham 1sts 8 V 2 Stirling 1sts
Volleyball Women Champ Durham 1sts 3 V 2 Northumbria 1sts
Volleyball Men Champ Sheffield Hallam 1sts 2 V 3 Northumbria 1sts
Water Polo Women Champ Edinburgh 11 V 15 Durham
Water Polo Men Champ Durham 9 V 5 Manchester Met

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