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SPORT REVIEW - BUCS Strategy 2017-21

The BUCS competitions programme is a key area of the strategy for many members. This area places direct focus on creating a world-class competition programme for the HE sector through understanding the motivations and needs of student-athletes and their institutions. Ultimately ensuring an appropriate level of competition across all sports is accessible for all types of student-athletes

Mission: Developing a visionary plan and identifying opportunities that will lead to the delivery of a modernised, sustainable and student-athlete focused inter-university competition programme which offers students a positive sporting experience.

Vision Aim 1: Structure - To review and reshape the existing competition structure so that student-athletes can easily identify the playing levels on offer relative to their interest and ability. The reviews also drives to afford individuals and/or institutions the opportunity to make informed choices on where to invest their time, effort and resources.

Vision Aim 2: Content - To create student-athlete focused programme content which provides the best possible competitive opportunities, driven by findings from regular student and member engagement which offers positive and rewarding experiences from their choice of sport.

Vision Aim 3: Delivery - To establish the core principles, practices and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) which will ensure consistent standards of modernised competition delivery across the BUCS Inter-University Competition Programme, relevant to the level of play and aimed at creating proactive internal and external partnerships working as a means of driving cost efficiency and effectiveness.

For the full breakdown of the strategic aims and objectives of the Sport Review (Inter University Strand), download the BUCS Strategy Overview document.


The working group responsible for supporting the Sport Review is:

The Sport Review Implementation Group (SRIG):




Independent Chair Steve Garrett Sport England 
Deputy Chair  Chris Campbell  Nottingham Trent University 
Group Member  Beth Garner  University of Brighton 
Group Member  Chris Anthony University of Birmingham 
Group Member  Alison Davidson University of Exeter
Group Member  David de-Beger De Montfort University 
Group Member  James Dale  University of Wolverhampton
Group Member  Ian Smyth  Leeds Beckett University
Group Member  James Plowright  University of Manchester 
Group Member  Ian Read Loughborough University
Group Member  Fraser Kennedy  Newcastle University 
Group Member  Owen Rodgers Cardiff Met University
Group Member  Katie Sykes UCL
Group Member  Ben Philip Scottish Student Sport 
National Competitions Group Chair  Ross Simpson  University of Edinburgh 


Terms of Reference and Meeting Minutes

The Terms of Reference and Meeting Minutes for the Sport Review Implementation Group can be found in the downloads section below.

Other Sport Review Documents

Over the past two years, there have been a number of documents produced and circulated in relation to the ongoing Sport Review work. For ease of access, these have been collated and stored in an online Dropbox folder than can be accessed here.


If you have any questions on the above information or specific questions around this area of the strategy, please do not hesitate to get in contact with the following: 
BUCS Staff: Jenny Morris (Head of Sport Delivery and Performance)

Last Updated: 30 January 2019


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