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BUCS Strategy 2017-21 Overview

Mission: “The best university sport experience in the world” 

A bold statement which will drive the delivery of all delivery areas of the organisation.

Vision: A world class higher education sport and physical activity experience, creating the most engaged university communities in the world

Why we do what we do: “Through sport enhance people’s lives by adding value(s) and enable people to reach their potential”

We will achieve our mission and vision by: 

i) Broadening the scope of our strategic vision to encompass the full range of activity which takes place within the university sport setting, from physical activity and health through to performance sport.

ii) Creating and developing a workforce within the membership and the communities within universities. 

iii) Raising the profile of BUCS within these communities and externally with key strategic partners, including celebrating the successes and impact of the delivery of our association to the fullest.

The BUCS strategy 2017-21 provides an ambitious vision of where the sector will be in 2021 and a set of structured objectives which will drive the organisation towards this vision.

This strategy has been created with and by members, for members, and covers the full spectrum of higher education sport. From physical activity and social & recreational sport through to the inter-varsity competitions, leagues and tournaments, up to performance sport. The strategy provides a clear vision of how this can be delivered.

BUCS is in a strong position to have a significant impact on the delivery of physical activity and sport. With the full engagement of members we will be able to show the true value and potential of higher education sport at a local, regional, national and international level.

We will deliver the best university sport experience in the world for students, staff and local communities within which the members sit and provide rewarding opportunities and development for student sabbaticals and staff involved in sport in the member institutions and BUCS staff.

Click on the links below to view an overview and the objectives of each strand within the BUCS Strategy:

1. Physical Activity & Health

2. Social & Recreational Sport

3. Inter-Varsity Competition 

4. Performance Sport

5. Professional & Workforce Development 

6. Inclusion

7. Profile & Influence 


BUCS is an alliance between Members (HE institutions), BUCS office and the BUCS Board. Our values are important to our delivery as they shape our culture and how we will work collaboratively to deliver the strategy. They are:

1. Positive – Enabling a proactive, productive and enjoyable environment.

2. Inclusive - Proactively developing a BUCS family that is accessible, supportive and honest.

3. Professional - Take personal responsibility to ensure high quality actions and outcomes. 

4. Innovative - A culture of bold ambition, and creativity.

5. Leadership - Creating opportunities for leadership and outstanding leaders.


For a full overview of the seven strands of the strategy, download the overview document. Please note this is a live document that is continually updated (Last update: 5 December 2017). 


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