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 *Regulations subject to change; currently being updated for 2018-19 season*


 ULF i In the event that these regulations contradict the BUCS general regulations these sport specific regulations will supersede, unless specifically stated otherwise.

ULF ii In the event that these regulations contradict those of the national or international governing body these sport specific regulations will supersede, unless specifically stated otherwise.


ULF iii The minimum number of players required for the game to start will be outlined in the WFDF Rule B1

ULF 1 Outdoor Championship: The University Outdoor Championships will be played to standard WFDF (World Flying Disc Federation) Ultimate rules.  

ULF 2 Indoor Championship: The University Indoor Championships will be played to standard UKU (UK Ultimate) Indoor Ultimate rules. 

ULF 3 Squad Sizes: At University events the maximum squad sizes are 15 (indoors) and 21 (outdoors) players. 

ULF 4 Tournaments specific variation: UK Ultimate may impose tournament-specific variations (e.g. field dimensions, game lengths, number of time-outs) for practical purposes.  These are published alongside the tournament schedule on an event by event basis.

ULF 5 Registration

ULF 5.1 All institutions must register their team on the UKU website, please note this is different to the club affiliation process. see /page.asp?section=18437&sectionTitle=Register+to+UKU for details

ULF 5.2 Players competing at regional qualifying events or BUCS leagues require basic UKU membership. Membership can be purchased here:

ULF 5.3 Players competing at National events (Championship, Trophy or Conference Cup’s both Indoors and outdoors) require full UKU student membership. Membership can be purchased here:

ULF 6 League Structure

ULF 6.1 6 teams, selected on merit from the previous season’s competition, will compete in each region’s BUCS tier 1 leagues (Scotland and Northern Ireland, North, Midlands, East and West). Tier 2 (and lower) leagues will be split into smaller sub regions and will be made up of no more than 8 teams.

ULF 6.2 The top 3 finishing teams in Tier 1, along with the strongest 4th place team (according to BUCS reg [DH-VFUK1]), will be entered into the Men’s Outdoor Championship Cup. All other teams in Tier 1 will be entered into the Men’s Outdoor Trophy. From Tier 2 leagues all teams will automatically be entered into the Conference Cup that is played throughout the season, knockout fixtures will be played between teams in each region until 2 teams remain. The 2 remaining teams from each region will qualify for the national Conference Cup.

ULF 7 League Regulations 

ULF 7.1 Playing facilities should be of an appropriate quality and should comply with WFDF regulations ( Any alterations to playing facilities (size, markings, runoff space etc.) must be agreed with UK Ultimate.

ULF 7.2 Ultimate is a self-refereed sport and as such requires no match official. To time games captains are expected to agree on a device to time games which should be placed in a position so that all players can view or access it. If captains agree a non-playing individual can time the game, indicating game start, and the start of the soft cap.

 Home teams should provide a pitch booking for 2 hours, allowing for a 15 minute warm up on pitch, 70 minutes of normal game time and 35 minutes for the soft cap.

ULF 7.3 The game shall be played as a first to 15 points match. After 70 minutes of play the timekeeper will indicate the start of a one point soft cap. If after the next goal:

                                ULF 7.3.1 One team has scored 15 points, then that team wins


ULF 7.3.2 The scores are level then a sudden death point is played

ULF 7.3.3 One team is winning then target number of goals that need to be scored to win the game is reduced to the winning team’s current score plus 1.

ULF 7.4 In the event of a tie on points for the leadership of a league the procedure shall be as detailed in BUCS REG 9.9.  Answers to common questions about the leagues can be found here (


Further details can be found on the UKU website ( or by contacting the UKU University Coordinator Chris Bamford (


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