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 TRA i In the event that these regulations contradict the BUCS general regulations these sport specific regulations will supersede, unless specifically stated otherwise.

TRA ii In the event that these regulations contradict those of the national or international governing body these sport specific regulations will supersede, unless specifically stated otherwise.

TRA iii Dispute at events: In line with REG 4.4.3, should a dispute occur at an event the event appeal panel for Trampolining shall comprise of Event Management Team.


TRA 1: BUCS Individual Championships

TRA 1.1: The BUCS Individual Championships will be part of a 2-day event and will comprise a qualification round and a final round for each category.

TRA 1.2: There will be seven levels of competition (categories):

TRA 1.2.1: BUCS 6

TRA 1.2.2: BUCS 5

TRA 1.2.3: BUCS 4

TRA 1.2.4: BUCS 3

TRA 1.2.5: BUCS 2

TRA 1.2.6: BUCS 1



TRA 1.2.8: Institutions must be aware that competitors should be entered at the appropriate level based upon their historic competitive level (i.e. NEUT/SUTL/SSTO/Grades/NDP/Elite/League). Levels are assessed by reference to where each competitor has entered and competed (including attempted routines). This includes their difficulty rating, within the last two competitive seasons. Competitors may compete above their equivalent level provided that they are safe to do so.


TRA Checks will be made as necessary. Disqualification/s may occur as a result of entries being submitted below the known capability of the performer(s).


TRA 1.2.9: Competitors in BUCS levels 6-3 may choose which compulsory routine they wish to perform from the options listed. Competitors in BUCS levels 2 - ELITE may perform a first routine of their own construction, which must include the specified requirements.




TRA 1.2.10: Within BUCS levels 6 – 1, if a competitor is found to be meeting the requirements of the next level above within their second routine or found to be exceeding maximum difficulty values of their current BUCS level, the competition organisers have the right to issue an automatic disqualification without the right to an appeal.


TRA 1.2.11: There shall be a 1.0 deduction applied from each execution judge if a competitor fails to meet the minimum requirements within their second routine.

At BUCS levels 6 - 3, deviation from the required first routine will be deemed as an interruption.

At BUCS levels 2 - ELITE, failure to meet requirements of the first routine shall result in a 1.0 deduction from each execution judge.


TRA 1.2.12: Entry Caps

TRA At BUCS levels 6, 5 and 4, each institution is guaranteed one entry per level, per gender.

TRA Institutions with more than one entrant in one or more of these levels must select a performer to fill this guaranteed space, and should rank their remaining entrants in order of preference for selection.    

TRA Remaining spaces will be allocated on a rotating proportionate basis across all institutions for each group.

TRA If, after the process in §TRA, any remainder cannot be allocated fairly across all institutions, BUCS will determine how to best assign final spaces, if at all.


TRA 1.3: The top 8 ranked competitors in each group (or less if there are fewer than 8) from the qualification round shall qualify to the final round. The final round applies to all levels and will consist of one routine - a routine of any construction within the second routine requirements for each level.


TRA 1.3.1: There shall be 1 reserve competitor per group who may be called to compete if any withdrawals occur before the final round.


TRA 1.3.2: Any withdrawals from the final round should be notified to the competition organisers at least 1 hour prior to the commencement of the final.


TRA 1.3.3: Any reserves called to fill any withdrawn spaces will be notified at least thirty minutes in advance of their flight. Reserves will be announced but should be on standby to compete.


TRA 1.4: Automatic qualification to the finals (“Byes”) are not permitted at any level.

TRA 1.5: Applications to upgrade/downgrade to a different level need to be submitted in writing to the BUCS office no later than the entry closing date. Please ensure that each competitor has been entered at the appropriate level at the time of submission.

TRA 1.6: The first and second routine requirements for all levels (BUCS 6 - ELITE) will be published on the BUCS website and published prior to the start of the season.

TRA 1.6.1: Each competitor shall complete the first routine and a second routine (qualification round). Each routine must meet each respected group’s criteria.

TRA 1.6.2: Prior to the start of each flight, each performer must submit their routines in writing (competition card) to the appropriate judging panel. This applies to competitors in all levels.

TRA 1.6.3: The first and second routines shall consist of ten elements, starting and finishing on the feet.

TRA 1.6.4: Each competitor shall have one attempt at each routine. Further attempts are subject to the British Gymnastics Code of Points and at the subsequent discretion of the Chair of Judges.

TRA 1.6.5: Each institution shall bring appropriately qualified coaches. Coaches are required to sign all competition cards for their competitors (which will be checked) and indicate their level of coaching qualification.

TRA 1.6.6: For BUCS Levels 2, 1 & ELITE, competition cards should be presented in British Gymnastics/FIG notation only.


TRA 1.7: All competitors are required to present themselves in the correct competition attire, which follows British Gymnastics guidelines unless otherwise modified below:

TRA 1.7.1: For BUCS Levels 6 - 5: As per the current British Gymnastics Code of Points OR T-shirt (tucked in) & shorts. Women may wear skin tight shorts in a colour and style matching the leotard.

TRA 1.7.2: BUCS 4 - ELITE: As per the current British Gymnastics Code of Points. Women may wear skin tight shorts in a colour and style matching the leotard

TRA 1.7.3: No tracksuits will be allowed on the trampoline.

TRA 1.7.4: Competitors will not be permitted to compete barefoot.

TRA 1.7.5: Performers are not permitted to wear ANY body piercings or any other jewellery whilst warming up or competing. If a piercing or jewellery item cannot be removed, it must be sufficiently taped. It is at the absolute discretion of the Chairs of Judges and competition organisers to disqualify any competitor who is not deemed to be safe by virtue of piercings or jewellery, whether taped or not.

TRA 1.7.6: Competitors who do not adhere to the above regulations may be disqualified at the discretion of the organisers/Chairs of Judges.

TRA 1.7.7: Dark coloured trampoline trousers are not permitted in line with the current British Gymnastics Code of Points. The wearing of dark coloured trousers may result in disqualification.

TRA 1.7.8: Male competitors may wear gymnastics shorts of any colour at all levels, but these must be suitable per the guidance in the British Gymnastics Code of Points.


TRA 1.8: Safety Policies

TRA 1.8.1: At no time should there be more than 4 (four) spotters around the trampoline.

TRA 1.8.2: The Chair of Judges has the right to ascertain the competence of a spotter and also the competence of the spotter using a spotter mat.

TRA 1.8.3: The Chair of Judges and competition organisers may ask a competitor to remove an element from a routine which, in the opinion of the Chair or organiser, is deemed to be unsafe. Failure to comply will lead to disqualification.

TRA 1.8.4: Coaches or other performers are not permitted to stand on the side or on the trampoline to support a performer with a skill during warm up.

TRA 1.8.5: All routines shall be performed unaided. Coaching during a performance is not allowed and will be penalised in line with the British Gymnastics Code of Points 2013-16.


TRA 1.9: Jury of Appeal

                TRA 1.9.1: At BUCS Events there is no Jury of Appeal.

                TRA 1.9.2: Appeals or inquiries should be taken to the Chair of Judges immediately.

TRA 1.9.3: The Head Coach/Club Captain may only inquire about the difficulty score or ToF score. No inquiries may be made about execution scores unless impropriety is suspected.

TRA 1.9.4: Inquiries will only be accepted up until the end of the flight group. Extra time will be allowed for any inquiries regarding scores from the last 2 competitors from the round.

TRA 1.10: Order of Performance

TRA 1.10.1: Qualification Round - The order of performance shall be drawn at random and published in advance of the competition.

TRA 1.10.2: Final Round –The final round will be performed in order of rank. The gymnast with the lowest score from the qualification round shall compete first. All final rounds will be scored from zero (zero final).

TRA 1.11: Video footage and photography will be taken at the BUCS Championships and may be used for publicity/uploaded online. If a participant would like to be excluded from any images or videos, please contact the BUCS office in advance of the event and the Chair of Judges on the day of the event.


TRA 2: BUCS Team Championships


TRA 2.1: The BUCS Team Championships comprises of a separate Men’s and Women's team event. In each event:

TRA 2.1.1: Team scores will be based solely on execution and difficulty. Time of flight scores will NOT be included in the calculation of the overall team score.

TRA 2.1.2: The three highest total scores from the qualification round (first routine plus second routine) by competitors from the same institution, from all groups, will be added together to produce an overall team score.

TRA 2.1.3: One team per institution per gender will be counted.

TRA 2.1.4: Medals shall be awarded to the highest three teams.

TRA 2.1.5: Team positions will be calculated on the qualification round only.


TRA 3: Synchronised Championships


TRA 3.1: This event will consist of one routine. This routine should be a first routine as per the individual championships structure.


TRA 3.1.1: Scores will be based solely on execution and synchronicity. Difficulty scores will NOT be included.


TRA 3.2: A synchronised pair will consist of 2 gymnasts (may be same gender or mixed).


TRA 3.3: A gymnast may only compete in one synchronised pairing.


TRA 3.4: Partners must do the same element at the same time and must start facing in the same direction. They need not twist in the same direction.


TRA 3.5: The Synchronised Championships will have the following levels:


TRA 3.5.1: Synchronised 1: Competitors in BUCS ELITE, 1 and 2

                TRA 3.5.2: Synchronised 2: Competitors in BUCS 3 and 4

                TRA 3.5.3: Synchronised 3: Competitors in BUCS 5 and 6

TRA 3.6: Pairs may be made up of competitors of mixed levels and genders within the level ranges specified for each level.

TRA 3.6.1: Pairs must compete the first routine (or requirements) of the level of the lowest competing member of the pair - e.g. in Synchronised 1, a pair of a BUCS ELITE competitor and a BUCS 2 competitor must perform a BUCS 2 first routine.

TRA 3.6.2: If a routine other than those possible under §TRA 3.6.1 is performed, the routine will be deemed invalid or interrupted, or the appropriate penalty applied per §TRA 1.2.11. If a routine higher than that of the level of the lower competitor is performed, the pair will be disqualified and the appropriateness of the lower competitor’s entry into the Individual Championships will be assessed (if applicable).

TRA 3.7: BUCS points will not be allocated to the Synchronised Championships.

TRA 3.8: Attire for competitors must adhere to the rules set for the individual levels and must be matching for same-gender pairs.



TRA 4: Guide to Competition Rules


TRA 4.1: Technical rules shall be according to the current British Gymnastics Trampoline Code of Points (2013-2016) and difficulty values, except where modified by these rules.


TRA 4.2: Where a performer in BUCS 6 - 3 deviates from the required first routine, the routine will be considered interrupted and the maximum mark will be determined according to the number of skills performed up to this point.


TRA 4.3: Where a performer in BUCS 2 – ELITE deviates from their submitted first routine, no deduction shall apply except where the deviation incurs failure of the requirements for that level.

TRA 4.3.1: Per §TRA 1.2.11, failure to meet minimum requirements in both routines at all levels will result in penalty.


TRA 4.4: Time of Flight (ToF)

TRA 4.4.1: ToF will be used for BUCS 2 – ELITE only.

TRA 4.4.2: Each competitor’s ToF will be calculated using FIG approved electronic timing equipment. The appointed official is responsible for controlling the electronic timing equipment.

TRA 4.4.3: The ToF score is measured in seconds; each second will be converted into points and added to each routine. ToF is evaluated in 1/1000 of seconds rounded down to 5/1000.

TRA 4.4.4: If for any reason there is a breakdown of the electronic timing system, the ToF Score will be determined through an analysis of the official video.

TRA 4.4.5: In the event of failure of the backup system, a re-jump may be allowed. In this instance the ToF only will be judged. The original scores for the first attempt will be retained, regardless of the number of skills present. The ToF score obtained in the re-jump will only be attributed to the number of skills performed in the original first attempt of that routine.


TRA 5: Submission of Qualified Officials

Every trampoline competition requires a large provision of officials; without these, the BUCS event would not be viable. 


TRA 5.1: In these Championships, institutions with an entry of five or more competitors must provide the following as a minimum:


TRA 5.1.1: At least one full-day Execution, Difficulty, or Chair Judge, and,

TRA 5.1.2: At least one full-day official of any role.


TRA 5.2: When entering officials, first and last names MUST be used in all cases to ensure correct identification. Nicknames or shortened names are not accepted. Names MUST be entered identically if the official is also a competitor.

TRA 5.3: Officials can be selected for either Saturday or Sunday. If desired, one person can be selected for both days.

TRA 5.4: Judges must not be replicated across institutions. Roles may not be shared between more than one person within the same day. Competitors must only be selected to officiate on a day they are not due to compete.

TRA 5.5: Officials must be entered with their qualification level and their preferred role. Failure to provide the minimum requirements or submitting missing/incorrect information will result in an institution’s entry being invalidated.

TRA 5.6: If nominated officials are selected to fulfil a role at the Championships and are then subsequently unable to attend, their institution must find an equivalent replacement and inform BUCS of this replacement. If an official cannot be replaced and BUCS are not informed in advance of the event, the institution will be disqualified. Further disciplinary action may be taken by BUCS.

TRA 5.7: Officials provided by institutions will not receive expenses, as it is a condition of each institution’s entry to provide the assistance of these individuals.


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