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ROW i In the event that these regulations contradict the BUCS general regulations these sport specific regulations will supersede, unless specifically stated otherwise.

ROW ii In the event that these regulations contradict those of the national or international governing body these sport specific regulations will supersede, unless specifically stated otherwise.

ROW ii.i All rules are as per the British Rowing Rules of Racing with exceptions as below. Refer to guidance as set out in British Rowing's Row Safe document

ROW iii Dispute at events: In line with REG 4.4.3, should a dispute occur at an event the event appeal panel for Rowing shall comprise of Chair of Race Committee, Members of Race Committee (if applicable), BUCS Event Coordinator.


ROW 1            Definitions


ROW 1.1        Beginner: Only open to competitor in their first year of rowing or sculling, regardless of their discipline. This also applies to indoor rowing events.


ROW 1.2        Intermediate: Open to any competitor from any member institution. Competitors who have raced in the Championship, excluding Championship Lightweight, at the same event cannot race in the Intermediate category of the same boat type.


ROW 1.3        Championship and Championship Lightweight: Open to all competitors and open to more than one entry for each institution as applicable. No competitors who have raced in Intermediate of the same boat type at the event can race in Championship, but may race in Championship Lightweight. BUCS points will only be awarded to the best placed crew in each institution; however medals will be awarded to the top three crews as applicable.


ROW 1.4        Lightweight categories of any boat type, unless otherwise specified, shall be a Championship category.


For clarification: All categories shall be defined by level and boat type. No competitor in an Intermediate category of any boat type shall be allowed to race in the Championship or Championship Lightweight category of the same boat type. For example, a competitor in an Intermediate 8+ shall not be permitted to race in a Championship 8+ or Lightweight 8+.


ROW 1.5        Competitor is taken to mean members of a crew excluding the cox (for the avoidance of doubt, a cox can cox in both Championship and Intermediate categories of the same boat type at the event).


ROW 1.6        For the purpose of the application of these rules; the Regatta as an event shall be taken to include all three days of racing rather than three separate days and the Head as an event shall be taken to include both days of racing rather than separate days. Sanctions for the breach of these rules will be in accordance with the sanctions within the rules of British Rowing and at the discretion of the Race Committee.


ROW 2           Weights


ROW 2.1        Coxswains: Women’s crews: 50.0kg, Men’s crews: 55.0kg.


ROW 2.2        Lightweights: Head weight: Men 75.0kg, Women 61.5kg, Regatta weight: Men 72.5kg, Women 59.0kg. Lightweight crews are not averaged at any BUCS Rowing event.


ROW 2.3        The lightweight weigh-in will be from two hours before the beginning of the racing day up to one hour prior to the published start time of each category.


ROW 2.4        If racing in more than one lightweight event the competitor need only weigh in once.


ROW 3           Substitutions



ROW 3.1        A reserve list must be completed in addition to an institution’s entries. The inclusion of an eligible competitor on the reserve list allows event organisers to accept the student being substituted into a boat with the confidence of insurance cover via the respective athletic union or students’ union.


ROW 3.2        100% of a crew, and additionally the cox, may be substituted before the crew’s first race in an event. These substitutions must be made from either the reserve list or between already competing crews (as long as this does not contravene any existing regulations regarding categories or doubling up). Failure to adhere to this regulation will result in a fine to be set at the event.


ROW 4 Awards


BUCS points are awarded to the top four institutions in Championship events. If there is no Intermediate event then multiple Championship entries are permitted from one institution, but only the highest placed institution crew will receive BUCS points.


BUCS points are awarded based on an institution's placings within the final victor ludorum standings. The top eight men's teams and women's teams will receive points.


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