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NET i In the event that these regulations contradict the BUCS general regulations these sport specific regulations will supersede, unless specifically stated otherwise.

NET ii In the event that these regulations contradict those of the national or international governing body these sport specific regulations will supersede, unless specifically stated otherwise. 


NET ii.i The BUCS Netball Championships shall be conducted under the most up to date rules of INF.

 NET iii The minimum number of players required for the game to start will be 5

In these Competition Rules and Regulations, unless the context otherwise requires, the following words and expressions have the meanings set out below:


INF - The International Netball Federation


BUCS - British Universities & Colleges Sport



NET 1 Competition Structure and format


NET 1.1 Competition structure: Twelve teams, selected on merit from the previous season’s competition, will compete in the Northern and Southern Premier leagues. Only first teams may compete in the Premier Leagues.  All other teams will compete in the Conference Leagues.


NET 1.2 Duration of play: The game shall consist of four quarters of 15 minutes each with an interval of four minutes between the first-second and third-fourth quarters and with an interval of eight minutes at half-time. Teams shall change ends each quarter.


NET 1.3 Ties: For league fixtures tied matches are permitted. See NET 4.2 for knockout matches.


NET 2 Facility and Equipment Requirements


NET 2.1 Playing facilities: Playing facilities must be booked for an appropriate length of time to allow for the full conclusion of the match including a warm up. A minimum of 2 hours of court time should be booked. Institutions failing to book sufficient time will be considered to have defaulted on the match if for any reason there is insufficient time to bring the fixture to a conclusion.


NET 2.2 Court requirements: All matches shall be played on courts of regulation size, with regulation posts and rings. Wherever possible matches should be played on indoor courts. Where both indoor and outdoor courts are available the home team must stage the match on the indoor court.

All Premier League matches must be played on a sprung wooden indoor court with run-off areas a minimum of 1.5m wide. Sunken posts, with post protectors, are a mandatory requirement.


NET 2.3 Scoring equipment: A fully working and easily visible scoring system must be provided showing the match score. For Tier One and below a manual scoreboard is sufficient should electronic scoring not be available. For Premier Leagues matches an electronic scoreboard should be used which displays the time remaining in each quarter.


NET 2.4 Match ball: An INF regulation ball should be used for all fixtures where possible. Teams must supply at least two suitable match balls to the Umpires in advance of the match.


NET 3 Match Officials


NET 3.1 Match Officials: outlined in Appendix 2.


NET 4 Knockout Matches


NET 4.1 Facility Hire: Facilities should be booked for at least 2.5 hours to allow for extra time to be played.


NET 4.2 Extra Time Rules: Ties are not permitted in Knockout Matches and extra time should be played as follows:


If, at the end of any of these matches the teams are tying:


(i) There shall be a four minute interval at the end of full time;        

(ii) Extra time of two halves of seven minutes each shall be played, with an interval of one minute at half-time. Teams change ends at half time. The Centre Pass is taken by the team entitled to the next CentrePass;        

(iii) During both of these intervals, substitutions and/or team changes may be made;

(iv) In the event of a tie remaining at the end of extra time, a visual signal shall be used to indicate that play shall continue until one team has a two goal advantage.


The home team is responsible for ensuring a visual indicator (such as a cone or flag) is supplied to the score bench prior to the start of the match.


NET 5 Pre-match procedures


NET 5.1 Team Start List: Before the start of the match, the names of up to twelve players, one of whom shall be the Captain, must be provided to the scorers.


NET 5.2 Substitutions: There shall be no limit to the number of substitutions which can be made in a match.


NET 5.3 Coin Toss and Pre-Match checks: The home team captain is responsible for ensuring the coin toss is carried out prior to the match commencing and informing the Match Officials of the result. All teams must cooperate with the pre-match checks carried out by the Match Officials.


NET 5.4 Clothing: Teams must carry an alternate set of playing bibs for use where a clash occurs. The home team is responsible for changing colour.


NET 6 Representative Commitments: If three or more players are selected for a National Governing Body senior, A or Under 21 side, the institution concerned shall be able to postpone the fixture to an agreed date within the qualifying period.


For league fixtures the qualifying period ceases on the published cut-off date (BUCS League Dates Document – Appendix 3). For knockout fixtures the qualifying period is such that the following round will still take place on the published date. This ruling shall not apply to any of the Finals or the Championship Semi Finals.


Please note that additional rules and regulations apply in relation to the BUCS Netball Finals.


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