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KOR i In the event that these regulations contradict the BUCS general regulations these sport specific regulations will supersede, unless specifically stated otherwise.

KOR ii In the event that these regulations contradict those of the national or international governing body these sport specific regulations will supersede, unless specifically stated otherwise.

KOR 1 A team Championship shall be offered under rules reviewed annually by the British Student Korfball Association (BSKA) and endorsed by BUCS.


KOR 2 Competition Format


KOR 2.1 There will be a three stage tournament format provided for BUCS Korfball. The three rounds will be: Preliminary, Regional and National.


KOR 2.2 In order to participate in any stage of BSKA/BUCS Competitions, a team must enter at the start of the season and compete throughout.


KOR 2.3 The competition format is only open entry for University Clubs affiliated to the BSKA and conforming to all rules necessary to allow them to compete as laid out by BUCS. Each University may enter more than one team.


KOR 2.4 There will be 8 Preliminary competitions. Teams will be allocated by the BSKA and BUCS to their appropriate preliminary competition primarily based on geographical location. 5 teams will progress from each preliminary to their respective regional competition.


KOR 2.4.1 A minimum of two ‘first teams’ must progress from each preliminary.


KOR 2.4.2 Each Preliminary will be a one day tournament with the format determined by the BSKA Executive, dependent on the number of entries into each preliminary.


KOR 2.4.3 Final standings in the Preliminaries will affect seeding in the next round.


KOR 2.4.4 Those teams that do not qualify for Regional Competitions will progress directly into the National Plate Competition.


KOR 2.5 There will be 4 regional competitions. Each regional competition will be fed by two preliminary events and will be made up of the 10 qualifying teams from those events. 4 teams will progress from each regional to compete at the National Championship Competition. The teams that finish 5th-9th at each regional will progress to the 20 team National Trophy Competition. The team finishing 10th at each regional will progress to the National Plate Competition.


KOR 2.5.1 Only first teams may progress to the National Championship Competition.


KOR 2.5.2 Each regional tournament will take place in one day over a minimum of two pitches. The format of the tournament will be Pools/Semis/Finals.


KOR2.5.3 Final standings will affect seeding in the next round.


KOR 2.6 There will be a National Championships competition. This will comprise the top four teams from each regional qualifier. Only first teams may take part in National Championships. The tournament will be held over two days and will be a pools/quarters/semis/finals format.


KOR 2.7 There will be a National Trophy Competition. Those teams that place 5th-9th in Regional Competitions will compete in this event. The tournament will be in a pools/quarters/semis/finals format and will take place over two days.


KOR 2.8 There will be a National Plate Competition. Those teams that did not progress from Preliminary rounds, alongside the 10th placed team from each regional competition will compete in this National Final event. The format/length of the event will be dependent on the number of entries.


KOR 2.9 All decisions made by the BSKA competition committee shall be binding, subject to any appeal to the BSKA Executive Committee as per the BSKA Rules and Constitution. The Competition Committee shall consist of the BSKA Chairman, one other member of the BSKA Executive Committee, one referee from the day, and an independent tournament administrator.


KOR 2.10 All matches shall be played according to the Rules of the Game as laid down by the IKF. KOR 2.10.1 and 2.10.2 will apply for National Championship games only. KOR 2.10.3-2.16 will apply to all National Championship, Trophy and Plate games.


KOR 2.10.1 All games will be 40 minutes long (2 halves of 20 minutes) and half time will last 2 minutes.


KOR 2.10.2 There will be 15 minutes in-between games, this will include any warm -ups required.


KOR 2.10.3 There will be one time out permitted per team per game.


KOR 2.10.4 Competition rules prescribe that a substituted player can return to the match and a maximum of eight (8) changes are allowed.  A team making a substitution must notify the referee who will only allow a substitution to be made when there is a stoppage in play.


KOR 2.10.5 Games will begin and end on the referee’s whistle. A centralised signal will sound to indicate that referees should start and end the game.


KOR 2.10.6 Any team that is not ready to start playing on the central signal will concede one goal for each minute they are late. This is to be determined by the match referee.


KOR 2.10.7 For all games, the home team shall be determined by a coin toss between the two captains prior to the start of the game, overseen by the match referee. Captains and the referee should meet by the side of the court 5 minutes before the end of the previous game to perform this toss.  The home team has choice of ends, must lay out first and takes the throw off.


KOR 2.10.8 Following each game, each team should immediately vacate the pitch to allow the following teams to warm up. The captain for each team must go to the referee to sign the match card to validate the result. At this point the referee should also write the name of their nominated MVP on the match card.


KOR 2.11 For pool games, points will be awarded according to the results of the matches played:


3 points for a win

1 point for a draw

0 points for a loss


KOR 2.12 In the case when 2 or more teams finish with equal points the ranking positions shall be determined by;


1. Head to head result (if 2 teams are equal on points)


2. Goal difference in the matches between the teams on equal points (if more than 2 teams are equal on points)


3. Overall Goal difference


4. Goals scored


KOR 2.13 If there is still no difference to be seen between teams following this ranking then placing shall be determined by a best of three penalty shootout will take place, if still a tie a sudden death penalty shootout between the teams will take place. In the culmination of the pool competition. The team captain must inform the referee before the shoot-out begins of his/her chosen 8 penalty takers (made up of 4 boys and 4 girls) to take part in the shoot-out. These 8 can be selected from any of the named squad regardless of whether they finished on the pitch in the last pool game. In the event all 8 players have taken a penalty, the sudden-death shoot-out will continue with the same eight players taking penalties again in the same order as previously taken.


KOR 2.14 The Committee shall have the power to take a different course of action should any of the matches being considered for determining the rankings be ones that have been forfeited or awarded to their opponents.


KOR 2.15 From the knock-out stages onwards, if the result is tied, a best of three penalty shoot-out followed by a sudden death penalty shootout shall be used to determine the winner.


KOR 2.16 In the knockout stage of the competition players taking penalties must have finished the game on the pitch.



KOR 3 Player Eligibility


KOR 3.1 A squad will consist of a maximum of 6 females and 6 males. All squad lists should be submitted prior to the start of the competition.


KOR 3.2 All players must fulfil the requirements of eligibility as laid down by the B.S.K.A and BUCS. Any team found to be playing ineligible players is likely to be disqualified from the event and subject to a financial penalty at the discretion of the BSKA executive committee


KOR 3.2.1 Any person wishing to represent a member institution during a B.S.K.A. competition must satisfy the required National Governing Body demands for player registration at a club.


KOR 3.2.2 Any person wishing to represent a member institution in any B.S.K.A. competition must satisfy the BUCS Requirements for a player to represent a university or college (General Regulation 6 and 7). This rule applies even if the B.S.K.A. event is not BUCS affiliated.


KOR 4 Misconduct


KOR 4.1 The Competitions Committee (as defined above) shall be empowered to suspend a player from one or more games during the tournament, following the giving of either a straight red card, or two yellow cards.


KOR 4.2 In addition, in all of the following cases the referee is required to submit a full report of the incident(s) to the Competitions Committee where it will be dealt with using the BSKA Disciplinary Regulations.


KOR 4.2.1 A referee sends from the playing area (red card) a player, coach, substitute or other person attached to the team.


KOR 4.2.2 A referee formally warns a player, coach, substitute or other person attached to the team (yellow card)


KOR 4.2.3 A referee is aware of misconduct by spectators.


KOR 4.3 The BSKA is empowered to call for any additional information it may deem necessary.  Should this information not be forthcoming then the case shall be considered on the evidence in the BSKA’s possession at the time. The player(s) and their club(s) shall be entitled to attend the hearing of the case if they have requested to do so.


KOR 5 Protests


KOR 5.1 The tournament desk must be notified of any protest connected with the playing of a match within 5 minutes of the match concerned. The referee must be advised by the team captain, immediately after the match concerned, of the intention to protest.


KOR 5.2 The Competition Committee shall have the power to make decisions on any matter not specifically covered in the rules and to vary the rules concerning the conditions of play should this be necessary for the smooth running of the competition.

KOR 6 Fines

KOR 6.1 Teams withdrawing from the Korfball competition after the Entry Deadline are liable to fines as per BUCS Reg 12.9 with the following reduced fine amounts;

National Championships -Reg £300

National Trophy -Reg £250

National Plate -Reg £200

The BSKA will determine whether an institution should be fined and BUCS will implement this through the BUCScore manual fines charges.

KOR 7. Eligibility

For player eligibility and team selection see: REG 6


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