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 GOL i In the event that these regulations contradict the BUCS general regulations these sport specific regulations will supersede, unless specifically stated otherwise.


GOL ii All formats of BUCS GOLF will be played in accordance with the Rules of Golf and such Local Rules (BUCS Hard Card) and Conditions of Competition as shall be approved by BUCS.


GOL ii.i The Sport Advisory Group (SAG), reserves the right to amend or alter the regulations as necessary in the best interests of the competitors and institutions involved.


GOL iii The minimum number of players required for the game to start will be 3.


GOL iii Dispute at events: In line with REG 4.4.3, should a dispute occur at an event the event appeal panel for Golf shall comprise of Tournament Director and/or BUCS Event Coordinator. During Stroke play championships, the above shall form the Tournament Committee in governance of the set event.

BUCS, in consultation with the SAG and Tournament Committee, reserves the right to remove any individuals or teams who contravene the above regulations.


GOL 1     Stroke Play Eligibility


GOL 1.1 All competitors in BUCS stroke play competitions must be a member of a golf club recognised by their National Golf Union. Proof of current club membership may be requested for entries to be accepted.


GOL 1.2 All players must be of Amateur Status as defined by the Rules of Amateur status.

                Note i: Students of a BUCS certified institution holding membership to the Professional Golfers Association (PGA) are permitted. Students must inform BUCS of their status and membership upon entry.


GOL 2     Competition Requirements


GOL 2.1 BUCS golf competitions will be held on an 18 hole course of appropriate quality which regularly hosts amateur matches of similar standard.

                                - Recommended minimum course yardages





BUCS Individual Stroke Play and Team Championship Finals

6,600 yards+

5,500 yards+

(or within 15% of men)

BUCS Order of Merit events and

BUCS Premier Division

6,000 yards+

5,200 yards+

(or within 15% of men)

BUCS Handicap Competitions

BUCS First/Second Division

5,500 yards+

4,750 yards+

(or within 15% of men)

BUCS Third Division and lower

5,000 yards+

4,250 yards+

(or within 15% of men)


GOL 2.2  Matches may only be staged on nine hole courses provided there are eighteen distinct tee configurations effectively creating eighteen different holes. Nine hole courses that do not offer this tee configuration are not permitted to host BUCS matches.


GOL 2.3 In normal circumstances, temporary greens will not be used. If four or more temporary greens are – or are likely to be – in operation, the away team should be notified in good time (24 hours in advance). In such circumstances, the away team have the option to request a rescheduling of any match. Providing such rescheduling is agreed before the away team start their journey, the match will be replayed at the original home venue.


GOL 2.4  For stroke play events; official BUCS scorecards or club scorecards must be used and appropriately collated. Cards will be retained by BUCS (or its representatives) until the end of each academic year. Hardcopy scorecards remain the property of BUCS and will not be returned to players after events.


GOL 3     BUCS Tour Finals (Individual and Team Stroke Play Championships)


GOL 3.1 A Men’s and Women’s Individual Stroke Play Final will take place annually at a venue       selected by BUCS for the Individual Stroke Play Championships.


GOL 3.2 The Championships shall be played by 72 holes stroke play over 3 days.


GOL 3.3 The winner shall be the competitor who returns the lowest score over 72 holes. In the event of a tie, there will be a play-off over holes determined by the Tournament Committee.


GOL 3.4 A maximum field for the championship will be considered based on time of year, weather and course availability.


GOL 3.5 Entry to the Individual Stroke Play Championships is available to competitors through the competitions which comprise the BUCS Golf Tour Order of Merit. Exemptions will be granted to the following at the discretion of the SAG:

1.       Players finishing in the top five of the previous year’s BUCS Order of Merit

2.       Players in receipt of at least one full international cap in the year prior to the Championship.

3.       Players reaching the top 10 of their NGB Order of Merit in the previous year

4.       Players reaching the top 100 of the World Amateur Golf Rankings in the year prior to the Championship.

BUCS, in consultation with the SAG, can offer a limited number of invitations or guest entries to improve the overall standard of the field. Invitations or guest entries will not comprise more than 10% of the entire field.

Note 1: All qualifiers, invitations or exemptions must have played in a minimum of two BUCS Tour OOM events

Note 2: Invitations or guests are ineligible to win the Individual Stroke Play Championship.



GOL 3.6 The Team Stroke Play Champions will be calculated from the 72 holes of the Individual  Stroke Play Championships.


GOL 3.6.1              Men’s Teams shall comprise of 4 players selected at the start of the championship. The lowest three scores for each day’s competition shall be used to ascertain the Men’s Team Stroke Play Champions.


GOL 3.6.2              Women’s Teams shall comprise of 3 players selected at the start of the championship. The lowest two scores for each day’s competition shall be used to ascertain the Women’s Team Stroke Play Champions.


GOL 3.6.3              In the event of a tie the winner will be determined by the inclusion of the unused score for all the rounds of the championship. If a tie still exists, card countback will be used.


GOL 3.6.4              In appropriate qualifying years, the Men’s Team Stroke Play Champions and the Women’s Team Stroke Play Champions will be eligible to represent BUCS in the European University Sports Association (EUSA) Golf Championships or EUSA Games. If the winning team is unable to play, the next placed team shall be eligible to compete.


GOL 4     BUCS Order of Merit (Golf Tour)


GOL 4.1 The BUCS Individual Champions shall be the players with the highest grossing points within the Order of Merit on conclusion of the Individual Stroke Play Championships. If players are level on points, the player with the higher finish in the Individual Stroke Play Championship (Golf Tour Finals) shall be deemed the Champion.


GOL 4.2  To be eligible to compete in the Individual Stroke Play Championships (Golf Tour Finals) players must compete in a number (determined and published by the SAG annually) of qualifying events. The current minimum number of events required is two.


GOL 4.3  Individual events within the Golf Tour calendar may comprise of 18, 36, 54 or 72 hole competitions and may be scratch or a combination of scratch and handicap competition (as detailed in the annual calendar).


                                For the Order of Merit calculation (scratch events), a weighting will be applied:

·         72 hole events                             1.25 points multiplier

·         54 hole events (normal)          1.00 points multiplier

·         36 holes events                           0.75 points multiplier

·         18 hole events                             0.50 points multiplier


Individual Stroke Play Championships (Golf Tour Finals) will have a weighting of 1.50 applied.


GOL 4.3.1 Should an event be reduced by poor weather, the weighting for the originally intended number of holes will be applied.


GOL 4.4 A maximum handicap of 5 for men and 12 for women (as determined by the SAG) will be permitted in a Golf Tour event.


GOL 4.5 A maximum field for each Golf Tour event will be considered based on time of year, weather and course availability. Note i: If the number of entries is greater than the maximum field size, entries will be balloted by eliminating the higher handicaps or at the decision of the SAG. In the event of a ballot, students holding membership of the PGA shall be allocated a handicap of 0.0. Remaining entries will form a reserve list.


GOL 4.5.1 BUCS, in consultation with the SAG, can offer a limited number of invitations or guest entries to improve the overall standard of the field. Invitations or guest entries will not comprise more than 10% of the entire field.


GOL 4.6 The Golf Tour will reflect regional requirements. Northern Ireland may determine and host their own regional qualifying programmes with consultation with BUCS and allow entrants from other BUCS institutions.


GOL 4.6.1 As per GOL 4.2 Northern Ireland competitors must play in a minimum of two events to be eligible for Golf Tour Finals



GOL 4.7 The winner of each individual event shall be the competitor who returns the lowest score over the designated tournament length (36, 54 or 72 holes). In the event of a tie, there will be a play-off over holes determined by the Tournament Committee before the start of the tournament. If a play-off is not possible due to unforeseen circumstances the winner will be decided on normal countback conditions.


GOL 4.8 Players will be ranked according to their performance in each event. The following Order of Merit points will be awarded on the basis of final scratch positions at each qualifying event (when a competition has six or less men’s or women’s entries the Order of Merit points will be halved in that category)



·           1st                    120 points

·           2nd             100 points

·           3rd               90 points

·           4th               85 points

·           5th               80 points

·           6th               75 points

·           7th               70 points

·           8th               65 points

·           9th               60 points

·           10th             55 points


·         11th             50 points

·         12th             45 points

·         13th             40 points

·         14th             35 points

·         15th             30 points

·         16th             25 points

·         17th             20 points

·         18th             15 points

·         19th             10 points

·         20th             05 points


GOL 4.9 At the conclusion of the qualifying events, the BUCS Order of Merit will include up to a player’s best four finishes. At this point the top 50 ranked men and top 15 ranked women will be invited to the Individual Stroke Play Championships (Golf Tour Finals). The Individual Stroke Play Championships will be included as a player's fifth/additional counting event for the overall Order of Merit.


 GOL 5     BUCS Team Match Play


GOL 5.1 Each team in the Premier Leagues and the four English and Welsh Conferences shall consist of six nominated members (men or women).


GOL 5.1.1 In the Scottish Conference, all teams in Tier 1 shall consist of ten nominated players (men or women). Teams competing in Tier 2 and below in the Scottish Conference shall consist of eight nominated players (men or women).


GOL 5.2 For league matches below Tier 1 (Tier 2 in Scotland), each match shall consist of six single games (ten in the Scottish Conference Tier 1 league and eight in Tier 2 and below). Men will compete from the appropriate medal (white) tees (or appropriate winter tees) and women will compete from the standard women’s (red) tees (or appropriate winter tees). The competition is player versus player scratch match play, with a provision for additional stroke allowance for men or women based on the Standard Scratch Score (SSS) of the course played and the tees in play that day.


GOL 5.2.1 Each BUCS golf playing institution must forward to BUCS the scorecard (or appropriate document) of their home course showing the men’s medal (white) and women’s (red) course lengths along with SSS for both the full length course and the normal winter course one week prior to the start of the golf programme.


GOL 5.2.2 Stroke allowance for men or women shall be based on the difference in SSS for the tees selected for play that day.


GOL 5.2.3 If stroke allowance is given the stroke index for the men’s card will be used. If a play-off situation occurs any stroke allowance would continue over to play-off holes.


GOL 5.2.4 The maximum stroke allowance for men or women will be two strokes.


GOL 5.3  If bad light, or inclement weather prevents the completion of all matches (and as long as 50% of the entire match has been completed), the match scores will be determined on the basis of the team positions at suspension of play.


GOL 5.4 In all knockout matches, all teams consist of six nominated players (men or women). In knockout matches up to but not including the quarter-finals of the Championship and Trophy, and all English and Welsh Conference Cup matches, all games shall consist of singles matches.


GOL 5.4.1 In Scotland, Conference Cup matches will have teams consisting of eight players (men or women).


GOL 5.5  From the quarter-finals onwards in the Championship and Trophy all matches shall consist of three foursomes and six single games, with the foursomes taking place before the singles games.


GOL 5.6  In the Championship quarter-finals the host institution is required to submit to the BUCS office the name of the proposed venue at least seven days before the competition. If the BUCS office (in consultation with the SAG) believes the course is not in a suitable condition, then the home team may be instructed to find a different venue or have the match switched to the away team's venue.


GOL 5.7  If a match is tied at the end of a knockout stage, a sudden death play-off will take place between a nominated player from either side (players to be nominated once the final result has been declared). The play-off shall take place on holes determined by the tradition of the host golf club, or the BUCS Tournament Director (if present).


GOL 5.9  Any team short of members shall concede the appropriate number of games.


GOL 5.10 Before play starts the captains shall draw up and exchange their orders for play for singles and, where relevant, foursomes. Where teams are playing with less than a full complement of players, a team is required to fill places 1-5 (places 1-7 or 1-9 in Scotland) on the start sheet in singles matches.


GOL 5.11 In the event of a dispute as to whether the course is fit to play the (i) golf club Professional, (ii) Head Greenkeeper or (iii) other suitable club official will make the final decision.


GOL 5.12 In the event of the course being open, but some holes closed, the match should go ahead with the requisite number of holes played twice to complete 18 holes. The captains must agree in advance of the match starting the holes which will be played twice and the order they will be played in. If 10 or more holes are closed the match should not start.


GOL 5.13 For league and knockout matches, home teams must organise suitable tee times to complete the match in daylight. Teams must allow for a maximum of five hours play.



GOL 6     International Representation


GOL 6.1  In appropriate qualifying years, individual players will be eligible to represent BUCS in the Fédération Internationale du Sport Universitaire (FISU) Golf Championships or Universiade. BUCS may choose not to select representatives for individual competitions.


GOL 6.2  For each event a selection panel will be appointed to consider individual player applications. This panel will be chaired by the BUCS Golf Sport Advisory Group Chair and may contain representatives of the R&A and National Governing Bodies.


GOL 6.3 Current selections are based on the following consideration of the criteria:

1.         BUCS Order of Merit Champion

2.         BUCS Individual Stroke Play Champion

3.         WAGR current list (as at the nomination deadline)

4.         NCAA Rankings

5.         Current EGU/SGU/WGU Order of Merit (and GUI Order of Merit if appropriate)

6.         Current international representation at full level, then other Orders of Merits and Youth performances


GOL 6.4 Where further consideration is required, attention also is given to:


1.         Consistency of performances shown within the qualification period

2.         Previous international performances

3.         Previous national championship performances

4.         Head-to-head competitive records (in stroke play events)

5.         Current form and fitness

6.         Any other factor(s) which in the selection panel’s opinion will impact on the athlete’s medal potential



GOL 7     Use of Electronic Equipment


GOL 7.1  All BUCS competitions throughout Scotland, Northern Ireland, England and Wales will permit the use of all approved laser devices.


GOL 7.2  All BUCS competitions throughout Scotland, Northern Ireland, England and Wales will permit the use of manual or powered caddy cars. However, the use of buggies remains forbidden (with the exception of certified medical exemption).



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