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BAS i In the event that these regulations contradict the BUCS general regulations these sport specific regulations will supersede, unless specifically stated otherwise.

BAS ii In the event that these regulations contradict those of the national or international governing body these sport specific regulations will supersede, unless specifically stated otherwise. 

BAS iii The minimum number of players required for the game to start will be 5.

BAS 1 Fundamental principle: the game must take place

Notwithstanding the regulations contained herein, all participants are required to use their best endeavours to ensure that all fixtures (a) take place and (b) are completed.  It is not possible to deal in these regulations with each and every circumstance that could arise which might affect BUCS fixtures, but participants (including match officials) are expected at all times to regard this principle as a prime consideration.

If a team considers its interests to have been harmed by the application of this principle, they are at liberty to play under protest and use the standard BUCS appeals process.


BAS 2 Affiliations


BAS 2.1 All teams/institutes competing in the BUCS Basketball competition must affiliate to their respective National Governing Body (NGB).


BAS 2.2 All players competing in the BUCS Basketball competition must affiliate to their respective NGB. This covers all BUCS fixtures as well as local league fixtures.


BAS 2.3 All players competing in the BUCS Leagues must hold a valid licence issued via the relevant NGB. Players must be able to present these licenses at each fixture should they be requested to do so.


BAS 2.4 Failure to affiliate to your relevant NGB by the deadline date stated in the BUCS affiliation document will lead to sanctions as outlined in the BUCS affiliation document and possibly further disciplinary action.


BAS 3 Competition Structure

The Basketball Championships shall be conducted in accordance with the BUCS regulations and the Federation Internationale de Basketball (FIBA) rules of play, as interpreted by the Basketball Advisory Group (BAG), with the following exceptions:


BAS 3.1 Allowable shirt numbers will be 00, 0, and any number between 1-99


BAS 3.2 24 second shot clocks shall be required in all Men’s and Women’s Premier League and Tier one matches and Championship and Trophy knockout ties. There shall be no requirement for 24-second shot clocks in any other matches; this responsibility shall lie with the referees. Refer to BAS 5.5 for non compliance guidelines.


BAS 3.3 For all Men’s competitions in all categories the ball shall not be less than 74.9cm and not more than 78cm in circumference (size 7). It shall not weigh less than 567 g and not more than 650 g


BAS 3.4 For all Women’s competitions in all categories the ball shall not be less than 72.4cm and not more than 73.7cm in circumference (size 6). It shall not weigh less than 510 g and not more than 567 g


BAS 4 Premier & Conference League Matches


BAS 4.1 In all league matches points awarded will be three points for a win and no points for a loss.


BAS 4.2 As per FIBA rules there is no drawn result in a basketball game. Should the teams be tied at the end of normal time, then a period of five minutes extra time will be played. The exception to the FIBA rules shall be in 2 legged promotion playoffs.


BAS 4.3 If the teams are still tied at the end of this extra period of five minutes, additional periods of five minutes extra time shall be played until a winner is determined.


BAS 4.4 In the event of a tie on League points, teams will be split according to general REG 9.9.


BAS 5 Premier League and Tier One Requirements


BAS 5.1 Playing facilities must be booked for an appropriate length of time to allow for the full conclusion of the match. BUCS recommends that at least 2 hours of court time are booked. Institutions failing to book sufficient time will be considered to have defaulted on the match if for any reason there is insufficient time to bring the fixture to a conclusion.


BAS 5.2 Facilities should be of an appropriate quality for matches and should comply with NGB regulations for matches of this standard. Ideally, all matches should be played on courts to FIBA specification in terms of court size, run-off areas, player safety, lighting, floor surface and visibility of court markings.


BAS 5.3 It is a requirement that 24 second shot clocks are provided for all matches.


BAS 5.4 A fully working and easily visible scoreboard must be provided showing the match score and time remaining in each period.


BAS 5.5 All Fixtures where a Shot Clock is Required (Ref BAS 3.2) Failure to provide a 24 second shot clock or a scoreboard as per Regulations BAS 5.3 and BAS 5.4 above will result in a £100 fine for the home team. The away team cannot claim a walkover or play under protest or appeal, as the match can still go ahead timed by the officials.


BAS 5.6 Match official requirements as outlined in Appendix 2.


BAS 5.7 Host institutions should ensure that there is an appropriate level of medical / first aid cover available either at or within close proximity to the courts. In the latter case, the home captain or coach should be aware of how to summon assistance swiftly. Ideally, medical support will be available during the match court-side.


BAS 5.8 All Premier teams must have their University name on the front of their playing vest for matches.  Failure to comply will result in a £50 fine per reported incident.


The FIBA Regulation dealing with the name of club or country on the playing vest is as follows: 
The name or the badge/symbol of the club or country must appear on the front of the shirts as follows:
        i. Above the advertising.
        ii. If the written text comprises one (1) line, the letters shall be a maximum of 8 cm in height.            
If the written text comprises two (2) lines, the letters on each line shall be a maximum of 6cm in height.
        iii. The badge/symbol must not be smaller than 100 cm² nor larger than 200 cm² and shall be a maximum of 10 cm in height.

The University name can be shortened if required – e.g. LSBU (London South Bank University)


BAS 5.9 Regular spot checks will be carried out during the course of the season to verify teams’ licences and facilities are meeting the Basketball sports specific regulations.


BAS 5.10 BUCS General Regulations and Basketball Competition rules apply alongside the above requirements. The BAG reserves the right to remove any teams who contravene the above regulations.


BAS 6 BUCS Basketball Championships


BAS 6.1 For the Last 16 Championship Knockout round, the Premier League and Tier 1 requirements must be adhered to - see BAS 3.


BAS 6.2 Players will need to show their licence cards to prove their affiliation to a British National Governing Body for Basketball in order to compete.


BAS 6.3 The match ball used for all finals will be Molten. (Size 7 for men and size 6 for women).


BAS 7 Score Sheets


In the case of any rule breach by either team, the home team must be able to produce the official scoresheet of each match to the BUCS Office when requested (White Copy only).

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