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BAD i In the event that these regulations contradict the BUCS general regulations these sport specific regulations will supersede, unless specifically stated otherwise.

BAD ii In the event that these regulations contradict those of the national or international governing body these sport specific regulations will supersede, unless specifically stated otherwise.

BAD ii.i The Badminton Championships shall be conducted in accordance with the Rules of Badminton England.

BAD iii Dispute at events: In line with REG 4.4.3, should a dispute occur at an event the event appeal panel for Badminton shall comprise of the Tournament Director and a BUCS Event Coordinator.

Section A - Team Championships (Except Scottish Conference – See Section B)

BAD 1 Teams


BAD 1.1 Teams shall consist of six players, competing as two singles players and two doubles pairs. A player cannot play singles and doubles during the same match.


BAD 1.2 The singles players and doubles pairs shall both be ranked 1, 2 in order of playing strength. The singles players shall play both singles players of the opposing team. The doubles pairs shall play both doubles pairs of the opposing team.


BAD 2        Ranking Lists


BAD 2.1 All Premier League institutions must submit the names of 6 first team players who are unable to play below the first team no later than the deadline in the BUCS affiliation document. Failure to provide a rank order by the deadline will lead to sanctions as outlined in the BUCS affiliation document and possibly further disciplinary action. Teams may re-rank following the last league match of the season and before the first knockout rounds begin. Teams who receive a bye must re-rank before the last 16 matches take place.


BAD 2.1.1 Players included on the BUCS Badminton ranking list may only play for the first team and not in any lower tiered teams.


BAD 2.1.2 Players not included on the BUCS Badminton ranking list may play in the first team if required on an ad hoc basis providing adherence to REG 7. If a team must regularly field a player not listed in the rankings or wishes to change those listed, application to do so must be made to the BUCS Office - Badminton Sports Manager.
*Regularly would be taken to mean 3 or more times in all first team competitions combined  per season (League and Cup).




BAD 3.1 Match Scoring


BAD 3.1.1 The revised laws of Badminton England as introduced by the BWF in May 2006 shall be used including the Rally Point Scoring System, except as stated below:


BAD 3.1.2 Each match shall be the best of three games of 21 points except that if the score reaches 20-all the winner is the player/pair with 2 clear points or whose score reaches 30 first.


BAD 3.1.3 Play shall be continuous from the first service until the end of the match. There shall be NO intervals when a side reaches 11 points in a game, NOR between the first and second games, and NOR between the second and third games.


BAD 3.1.4 Only when the shuttle is not in play, shall a player be permitted to receive advice during a match.


BAD 3.2 Match Result


BAD 3.2.1 The team winning the majority of rubbers shall be the match winner. In the event of a tie on rubbers the fixture is a draw.


BAD 3.2.2 In the event of a fixture being incomplete due to a late start, with a team at fault, their opposition may claim any rubbers not completed or un-played.


BAD 3.3 Scorecards: Institutions are required to maintain accurate records* of the matches played by their teams in case of a tie on points within a league which cannot be resolved by BUCS General Regulations. In such circumstances, the BUCS Office will contact the relevant institutions for details of all their league matches in order to separate the teams. These matches should be recorded on official governing body scorecards / scoresheets. * ‘Accurate records’ are taken to mean precise details of all aspects of the fixture including sets, games and points; won and lost.


BAD 4 Court Bookings


BAD 4.1 The following minimum court times MUST be booked by the host team for a fixture: League Fixtures & Knockout Rounds (Except Scottish Leagues – See Below) A minimum of 2 Courts for 3 hours MUST be provided.


BAD 4.2 Failure to book the minimum prescribed above will result in the home team forfeiting any rubbers not completed should the match not be finished.


BAD 4.3 The court specifications are specified by the laws of badminton (BWF) as well as the design guidelines published by Sport England and Badminton England in June 2009.


BAD 5 Playing Order: The order of play in the match shall be as follows (home team placings first):
        Singles            1 v 2    
        Singles            2 v 1    
        Doubles         1 v 2    
        Doubles         2 v 1    
        Singles            1 v 1    
        Singles            2 v 2    
        Doubles         1 v 1    
        Doubles         2 v 2    

BAD 6 Draw in Knockout Round Match: In the event of a drawn match in the knockout stages, the winner shall be determined as follows:


BAD 6.1 The team winning the highest number of games


BAD 6.2 If a tie still results, the team with the greatest difference between points won and points lost.


BAD 6.3 If a tie still results, the team winning the highest number of games in the 1v1 singles and 1v1 doubles rubbers.


BAD 6.4 If a tie still results, the team with the greatest difference between points won and points lost in 1v1 singles and 1v1 doubles rubbers.


BAD 6.5 If a tie still results, the toss of a coin.


BAD 6.6 In the event of a rubber having to be conceded through injury, the points already won by both teams will stand, with the team that did not concede also gaining the points that they would need to win the rubber.


BAD 7 Shuttlecocks: An appropriate number of new, tournament quality feather shuttlecocks of the correct speed must be supplied by the home team for use in all matches.

Section B. Team Championships - Scottish Conference

BAD 8 Format: Fixtures within the Scottish Conference will be a mixed format as follows:
        2 Men’s Singles    
        2 Women’s Singles    
        2 Men’s Doubles    
        2 Women’s Doubles    
        4 Mixed Doubles    

BAD 9 Results: Results will be extracted from the Men’s singles and doubles and the Women’s singles and doubles to provide the respective Men’s and Women’s Scottish Conference representatives for the BUCS Knockout competitions.


BAD 10 Court Bookings: A minimum of 4 Courts for 3 hours MUST be provided.



Section C - Individual Championships

BAD 11    Entries


BAD 11.1 Each University is guaranteed one entry in each event. A further two entries may be made in each event and accepted at the discretion of the tournament committee.


BAD 12    Rules


BAD 12.1 The draw shall be made under the supervision of a neutral referee and Universities must include on the entry form details of past performances of their members for the guidance of the referee in making the draw which shall be made according to the International Draw system (adapted).


BAD 12.2 Whenever possible, players from the same University shall be placed in different quarters of the draw.


BAD 12.3 The tournament shall be conducted on the ‘knockout’ principle.



BAD 12.4 The decision of the Tournament Director is final.

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