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Female Participation Research & Insight

In order to deliver an engaging offer for women, BUCS and all member institutions seeking to develop their engagement of female students in sport must make consistent use of sector and industry insight and research pieces.

Below is a couple of insight pieces published by Sport England and Women in Sport. They provide a variety of recommendations which could be considered as you develop the way you market sport to, and deliver sport for, women as we aspire to engage more female students in sport and physical activity:

Sport England - Go Where Women Are

Go Where Women Are is about engaging women in sport and physical activity on their terms and understanding their relevant motivations, barriers and triggers to getting more active. It could be used to better tailor the marketing and delivery of a university's sporting offer to female students and ensure the activity is engaging, or similarly form a discussion piece to get women discussing sport and physical activity on campuses across the UK.

Read more on the insight pack here or you can find the complete resource here.

Women in Sport - What Women Want

This research and insight piece details how Women in Sport have identified identify a complex value system that defines the way women live their lives today. They have defined six key values that are fundamental in the lives of women and girls and which, if tapped into effectively, can influence their sporting behaviours.

It has been discovered that these values: looking good, feeling good, nurturing family and friends, achieving goals, developing skills, and having fun are influential to varying degrees and at different times. Understanding these and how they can be expressed through sport, is key to Women in Sport's ambition to transform sport for the benefit of every woman and girl in the UK.

Read more about the research here, or download the report and learn more about the research's findings.

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