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What is #TakeAStand?

#TakeAStand is a campaign aimed to make the university sport experience as inclusive and accessible as possible.

#TakeAStandIt is in place to provide support to institutions when having deal with problems associated with anti-social behaviour when they arise, alongside developing sustainable prevention techniques. The initiative was set up by BUCS in 2014 in response to an overwhelming demand from members seeking support.

It was identified that we all need to work together to reduce the negative press surrounding university sport, and increase the positive coverage of the talent that our programme boasts. To continue in line with the strategy, BUCS see it important to be proactively working with members to ensure that our sporting offer is the best in the world, including the behaviour associated with the sport. A steering group was created including members of staff from Stonewall UK, LSE, Gloucester University and BUCS. The group has since expanded and now hosts NUS and NGB members who now also sit in advisory positions.

Anti-social behaviour can mean different things to different people; equally there is no one solution that we can apply to all scenarios. It was established that anti-social behaviour and discrimination within the ‘university sport culture’ fell under 8 key themes. The campaign aims to address these, both by sharing good practice from within the sector and from drawing upon external guidance also. A guidance document has been produced based on feedback submitted by sabbatical officers, detailing real life situations they have encountered.

#TakeAStand CharterWe have also included a charter in the document, a piece we hope universities will use to pledge against anti-social behaviour in sport and one that BUCS most definitely will use as a bench mark to an inclusive and effective higher education sporting offer. You can download the translated Welsh version here.

BUCS would like to thank all those who have helped to construct, create and consult the #TakeAStand campaign.

If you have any questions about the campaign, or would like to get involved, please contact Matt Holdstock.

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