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BUCS Policies

Below you can find the policies and procedures by which BUCS conducts its governance and business, with a short summary detailed for reference.

Initiations & Anti-Social Behaviour Policy - BUCS is acutely aware that student life and student sport often involves alcohol consumption, but it condemns any behaviour that damages students' health and wellbeing or adversely affects the student sporting experience.

Transgender Policy - BUCS' vision to enhance the student experience through sport applies to all students, irrespective of race, colour, sexual orientation, disability, age or marital status.

Safeguarding & Welfare Policy - All young people and vulnerable adults have a right to be safe and have a positive and enjoyable experience while participating in sport. BUCS is committed to ensuring the above in a safe environment and that all involved are protected from abuse at all times as part of their participation in an BUCS event or outside of these events.

Alcohol - Commercial Policy - An informal situation has existed within BUCS which precludes the organisation accepting any form of endorsement or sponsorship from alcohol brands associated with alcohol. This position reflects a choice not to link sport and healthy lifestyle choices with the consumption and endorsement of alcohol and possible anti social behaviour that can emerge.

Commitment to Diversity - BUCS is commited to providing equal opportunities in employment and progressing diversity and inclusivity across our organisation and Board.

BUCS Board Code of Conduct - this is the code of conduct which all Board members agree to abide by during their time in office.

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