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British universities & Colleges Sport

Key Governance

British Universities & Colleges Sport came out of the joining of BUSA (British Universities Sport Association) and UCS (University College Sport) upon being incorporated at its first AGM on 13th June 2008.

The BUCS Board of Directors

BUCS is led by a Board of Directors consisting of our Chief Executive, Chair and eight Non-Executive Directors. All posts are recruited through open advertisement, with the seventh and eighth respectively being the BUCS Student Director, elected by members at AGM and serving for one academic year, and the Chair of the Senior Managers Network.

Professor Sir Ian Diamond, Principle and Vice Chancellor of Aberdeen University, was approved as BUCS Chair at the July 2014 AGM and will serve an initial 3 year term.  He was reappointed by members at BUCS AGM on 5 December 2017 for a second term.  To comply with governance requirements around maximum terms of office, this term will be 2 year

The Board is therefore comprised of the following members (as of Dec 2018):

Professor Sir Ian Diamond, Chair
Vince Mayne, Chief Executive Officer, attends Board meetings but is not a Director of BUCS.
Jack McGovern - Student Director. VP Activities, University of Chester (elected July 2018)
Cathy Gallagher, Director of Sport, University of Stirling (Chair of Senior Managers Exec Group)
Steve Egan, Vice President (Implementation), University of Bath
Andy Westlake, Board Director, European Sponsorship Association
Ben Moorhead, Partner, Hewitson Moorhead
Katy Storie, International Development Manager Sport, University of Northumbria
Born Barikor, CEO, Our Parks Ltd
Nigel Wallace, Independent Consultant, Nigel Wallace Consulting
Claire Livesey, Governance & HR Manager, is Company Secretary and also sits on the Board, although not as a Director.

The Chair of the Board serves a maximum of two terms of three years, with Board members appointed through an application to the Nominations Committee and able to serve a maximum of two terms of three years.

BUCS operates in accordance with its Articles of Association which can be found here.

Advisory Group

The Board is assisted by the BUCS Advisory Group. This group provides strong advice and guidance concerning members views, against which decisions are made in running the organisation. It is not a decision making body, but is the official vehicle for consulting with members on matters of importance to the membership and the organisation as a whole.

The Group comprises the which comprises CEO, Head of Professional and Regional Development, 4 elected student officers (elected annually) and 4 elected staff officers (elected every two years), as well as the elected student and staff chair from each BUCS Region or Nation.

The Group elects its Chair each year and meets four times per year.  You can read more on the Advisory Group here.

Regional and National Groups

BUCS regionsEach of the nine regions in England, alongside Scottish Student Sport (BUCS formal delivery partner in Scotland), Northern Ireland and BUCS Wales, convene a regional or national Group.

Every member institution in the region or nation is entitled to send staff and student representatives to the group, with the group also meeting four times per year. Each group conducts its own AGM where it elects its student and staff Chair, who will attend Advisory Group on behalf of the region or nation, with these regional groups being the vehicle through which matters for consultation are driven for member opinions to be fed to BUCS management and the Board.

A member of BUCS staff is allocated to each region or nation and should be present at all meetings.

Click here to read more about the BUCS Regions and Nations structure.

Other Groups

The Board can set up other groups from time to time which are appropriate to the needs of the organisation. The International Influencing Strategy Group has been in place since 2008, and its role is to guide the work of the organisation in relation to international affairs and competition.

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