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Sport Specific Contacts


League/Knockout Enquiries
Affiliations John Burton
Appeals, Complaints, Disciplinary Matters etc. Nick Burley
ALL Sports (except Cricket (Indoor), Equestrian, Korfball,Tennis and Ultimate (Men's Outdoor) - see below): Fixture/result enquiries, league/knockout fines, BUCScore user enquiries, etc. Harrison Fernandez Lewis
Neal Kington
Cricket (Indoor) Cleo Lyn
Equestrian Cleo Lyn
Korfball Cleo Lyn
Tennis Harrison Fernandez Lewis
Ultimate (Men's Outdoor) Cleo Lyn
Event Enquiries   
American Football Cleo Lyn
Archery Alice Robinson
Athletics Alison Root
Badminton Ryan Koolen
Basketball Alison Root
Boxing Amy Clayfield 
Canoeing Alysha Martin
Canoeing (Canoe Polo only)
Cleo Lyn
Clay Pigeon Shooting Alison Root
Climbing Cleo Lyn
Cricket Alison Root
Cycling Alysha Martin
Cycling (Downhill MTB only) Alice Robinson
Cycling (Track only) Alison Root
Equestrian Alysha Martin
Fencing Alysha Martin
Football Amy Clayfield 
Futsal Alison Root
Golf  Ryan Koolen
Gymnastics Alysha Martin
Hockey Amy Clayfield 
Jiu Jitsu Cleo Lyn
Judo Ryan Koolen
Karate Amy Clayfield 
Korfball Cleo Lyn
Lacrosse Alice Robinson
Lacrosse 8s Alice Robinson
Modern Pentathlon & Biathlon Cleo Lyn
Netball Amy Clayfield 
Orienteering Cleo Lyn
Pool Cleo Lyn
Rifle Cleo Lyn
Rowing  Ryan Koolen
Rugby League Amy Clayfield 
Rugby League 9s Cleo Lyn
Rugby Sevens Amy Clayfield 
Rugby Union
 Ryan Koolen
Sailing Cleo Lyn
Snooker Cleo Lyn
Snowsports Alysha Martin
Squash Alice Robinson
Surfing Amy Clayfield 
Swimming Alice Robinson
Table Tennis  Ryan Koolen
Tennis Harrison Fernandez Lewis
Trampolining Alysha Martin
Triathlon Alice Robinson
Ultimate Cleo Lyn
Volleyball Alison Root
Water Polo Alison Root
Windsurfing Alice Robinson


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