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BUCS Officer Elections

BUCS Officers are elected by the membership each academic year.  Four Student Officers are elected annually with Staff Officers elected for specific portfolios every 2 years, with the Chair of Disciplinary Committee also elected for a 2 year term.

Elections for the 2018/19 season will take place on Thursday 12 July 2018 during BUCS Conference at the University of the West of England.

Please find below information on the upcoming elections including who can stand, the roles available and how to apply.

Please use the election results tabs on the left for information on previous elections.

Staff Officers

Staff Officers serve as members of the BUCS Advisory Group, working in dedicated areas of the Company’s portfolio. As well as having responsibility for specific areas of the Company’s portfolio, they contribute to the wider policy and strategic direction of BUCS, and are responsible for representing the views of the professional staff across the sector on the various issues that arise.

Student Officers

Student Officers also sit on BUCS Advisory Group and provide input into the internal strategy of BUCS, with particular focus on areas relating to the student sporting experience. They act as the main point of contact for regional student chairs and subsequently represent students’ needs, concerns and aspirations to BUCS. Student Officers also have the opportunity to work within and across the areas of BUCS' business.

Election Notification 

Please find here notification of the elections for 2018.  This includes key dates and timings - please read if you are interested in applying. 

Posts open for election this year are:

Four student officer positions
Two staff officer positions
Chair of the Disciplinary Committee

Details on the roles, and how to apply can be found below. 

Who can stand?

To stand for a position as a Student Officer, a candidate must either:

- be an internally registered student at a member institution whose membership fees have been paid;
- and be registered on a Higher Education credit rated course;
- and be undertaking a programme of at least 50% of the equivalent of a full-time student.


- shall be a sabbatical officer of an athletic union, sports union or student union, at an institution whose membership fees have been paid.

Student nominations must be proposed and seconded by two separate institutions.

To be eligible to stand for a position as a Staff Officer, candidates must have a contract of employment within a member institution and their nomination must be approved by a duly authorised person within that institution, and seconded by a different institution.

To be eligible for the Chair of the Disciplinary Committee role, candidates must be able to demonstrate independence from member institutions, and are therefore not usually a student or staff member.

Role Details 

Full details of the student and staff officer roles can be found using the links below:

BUCS Staff Officer roles information
BUCS Student Officer roles information
Chair of the Disciplinary Committee information

For information on the current student officers, please click here.

The Election Process

For full details of the election regulations and arrangements please use the following links:

Election Regulations : Election Arrangements 2018


The nomination form and statement form can be found below.  These must both be completed and returned as per the Election Regulations.

Nomination Form :  Election Statement Form

If you are applying for a role please ensure you have fully read the supporting information (including role description and election arrangements and regulations), and correctly completed the above forms. 

The nomination form and election statement (including a photograph of the candidate) should be returned to the Returning Officer, either by email ,or by post to BUCS, 20-24 King's Bench Street, London, SE1 0QX by 5pm Wednesday 4 July 2018. 


Voting for the elections will take place on the morning of Thursday 12 July during BUCS Conference at the University of the West of England.

The two member representatives of each BUCS member institution are entitled to vote. If a member representative is unable to attend in person to vote, a proxy may be appointed. 

Only named representatives or listed proxies will be permitted to vote.  If appointing a proxy, please ensure the form is completed accurately and in full.

Proxy Voting Form 

If you require details of your current member representatives, please contact

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